What A Fellowship: Top Christian Leaders Gather For Bishop Neil Ellis

In the Bible, the scripture says in James 2:26: “Faith apart from works is dead.”  That appears to be the mission of Global United Fellowship (GUF), an organization established in 2013 under the leadership of Bishop Neil C. Ellis.

During GUF’s inaugural conference earlier this summer in Winston Salem, North Carolina, Judge Glenda Hatchett, who serves as GUF’s Spokesperson for Family, said it the “works” part of GUF that made her eager to participate.

“I am here today because I’m blessed to know a man that God has poured a vision into for this Global United Fellowship. I am here to support the vision in any way that you need. I am proud and humbled that you have asked me to take on the responsibility of being Spokesperson for Families. It is my passion and I am very blessed that you’ve asked me to serve,” Judge Hatchett shared, during the official GUF press conference.

Bishop Kenneth Ulmer preaching at GUF

The television judge, an author of the books “Dare to Take Charge” (Center Street) and “Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say”(HarperCollins), said her mission is to make sure GUF works to help fix the needs plaguing Christian families in our communities.

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“Failure is not an option and we will not fail. We are not going to stay talking about the problems. We are not going to get paralyzed by the rhetoric. We are going to move to higher ground to a realistic solution of why we must do what we must do now,” Judge Hatchett explained, before emphasizing: “Strong families mean strong communities, strong communities mean strong nations, strong nations means a stronger, better world. We are moving to higher ground because we have an assignment!”

Global United Fellowship’s work with families is one of the focal points of the fellowship’s launch initiatives.  Additionally, Bishop Ellis shared three other primary objectives that GUF will make priorities: Children’s Feeding Initiative; Clean Water Project; and The Reentry and Restorative Justice Commission.

Dr. Sir Walter Mack, Jr., Judge Glenda Hatchett, Ambassador Suzan Johnson & Bishop Neil Ellis at GUF press conference

About The Feeding Initiative: “Our goal is to feed a minimum of one million children. GUF will address the growing hunger epidemic among children in North America through a program that will endeavor to feed one million children for the length of their 2015 summer vacation.”

About the Clean Water Project: “We must come to grips with what a lot of us on the western side of this hemisphere experience and regard to be just normal, a lot people around the world are dying daily because of the lack of clean water.”

About the Reentry and Restorative Justice Commission: “We are committed to meeting the needs and addressing the frustration of men and women who are reentering our communities from prison.”

Tasha Cobbs performing at GUF

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While there are a lot of denominations and movements in the Christian faith, Bishop Ellis is clear that this is a fellowship made of people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences in the Christian community.

“Ten months ago The Lord spoke to me in a very critical time in my life. As a result of what He said to me I concluded, this is big, this is exciting, this is scary, but I was convinced it is God. Consequently, hundreds of hundreds of persons have embraced this vision under the banner of the Global United Fellowship,” he expressed.

Yolanda Adams singing at GUF

Bishop Ellis and his team of leaders – made up folks like Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Ambassador Suzan “Sujay” Johnson, Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Bishop Kenneth Ulmer,  Pastor Marvin Sapp, Bishop Carolyn Showell and other prominent spiritual leaders – aim to “positively impact millions of people around the world.”

Bishop Ellis is clear that the people who have partnered with him under the GUF umbrella are genuine in their desires to help repair the challenges the believers of Christ and the church community are dealing with daily.

“We have come together not just to get together, but Global United’s assignment is to unite and equip churches to serve the needs of our people, he concluded.

For additional information on Global United Fellowship, go to

Bishop Rudy McKissick, Lady Patrice Ellis, & Bishop Neil Ellis at GUF worship service

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