Marvin Sapp: Issues Stern Warning To His Stalkers

Since Marvin Sapp became a widower in 2010 after his late wife MaLinda died after a battle with colon cancer, he’s been the target of lots of single women looking to become a first lady.

Late last year, a Michigan doctor named Teleka Patrick who had been stalking the 47-year-old Gospel singer ended up missing. Earlier this year, her body pulled from the Indiana lake, but despite her stalking Sapp he was not considered a suspect.

Now, several other women are reportedly stalking the pastor of the Lighthouse Full Life Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Marvin Sapp & kids

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Sapp, a single father to three teenage kids, took to Facebook to demand that the females currently violating his privacy please stop.

His post read: “IMPORTANT!!!! WOMEN PLEASE STOP SHOWING UP AT MY HOME!!! I haven’t and won’t inbox you if I’m interested. I’m not communicating with you via social media or through subliminal messaging. I’m not inboxing you asking for any amounts of money for anything. And to the woman that showed up today at 7:30am I have the make, model and license plate of your automobile and have reported it to the authorities.”

The ‘Never Would Have Made It’ singer emphasized that “this must stop” and said he is not seeking the “unwanted attention.”

Overzealous single women seeking to wed preachers, pastors and Gospel artists is nothing new. Many of the top ministers in the country have faced similar changes from desperate women, who usually lie and tell them: “God told me you were going to be my husband!”

Marvin Sapp

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