Same Old Song: Anita Baker Sued Again For Nonpayment

Grammy Award winner Anita Baker is being sued again for not paying her bills.

According to Detroit’s ABC affiliate WXYZ, the attorney who defended Baker when a local painter accused her of stiffing him of the $15,000 he was owed is now suing the singer himself because she has failed to pay her legal fees.

The 56-year-old R&B singer apparently owes Rochester attorney Jamal Hamood for $150,000 more than a year’s worth of work.  The attorney said that Baker has the money, but just refuses to pay him.

“She just does not want to pay,” Hamood told the local news. “I was at her beck and call 24/7, she would call me when I was on vacation and she would call me on the weekends, or text me or email me.  If I didn’t respond immediately she would become furious.”

Anita Baker

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Hamood was able to keep Baker from doing jail time back in March when he worked to get a bench warrant that had been issued against her dismissed.  The bench warrant was from the default judgment against the singer by the painter.

The lawyer said he now realizes that temperamental entertainer has a pattern of not paying attorneys and contractors.  There are at least five other attorneys she owes money to and several other attorneys have sued her previously for nonpayment.

Baker did write two checks to Hamood in July totaling $30,000, but the checks bounced.

She’s due back in court in January. No word on if she’ll be able to find an attorney to represent her.

Anita Baker

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