Reality Drama: Breaking Down The “R&B Divas Atlanta” Dilemma

There’s a lot of dispute over the AlwaysAList.com report that “R&B Divas Atlanta” has been cancelled by TV One.

On January 13, 2015, we reported that the original “R&B Divas” city was ending because members of the cast were alerted on Tuesday.  That is a fact! Despite our claim, TV One provided us with a statement saying “no definitive decision” had been made.

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Regardless, as previously indicated the series was not presented among the returning shows by their new president, Brad Siegel during his TV Press Tour at the Television Critics Association in Los Angeles.

Monifah, Nicci Gilbert, Faith Evans, Syleena Johnson & the fifth cast member

AlwaysAList.com has now learned that the reason cast members were told they are “free to pursue other options in the reality space” is because their contracts have expired.  Though TV One is claiming they have not cancelled the series, the talent contracts of the show’s stars all ended this week.  Syleena Johnson, Monifah Carter and Meelah Williams – the only three singers the network was interested in returning if the show came back – no longer have deals with TV One or the production company responsible for the show.

Three new artists who were approached about joining the cast – AlwaysAList.com was not able to confirm the identities of those singers – were given holding deals, but their contracts, as well, have also expired.

Now TV One claims they are still on the bubble about the series—likely because of the fan outrage over the show ending—but if the network decides to now bring “R&B Divas Atlanta” back at some point, they will have to initiate new talent agreements the cast—and that’s if they’re available.

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“R&B Divas Atlanta’s” breakout star Johnson is currently appearing on WE TV’s “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” series and heavily promoting her latest album, “Chapter 6: Couples Therapy.”

Carter recently was featured on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” and will be given the 2015 Vanguard Award at the 9th annual OUTmusic Awards in New York City next week.

Despite AlwaysAList.com’s skepticism over the return on “R&B Divas Atlanta,” one of the show’s executive producers Phil Thornton spoke to Madame Noire about wishing for the best.

“I have enjoyed producing three seasons of ‘R&B Divas Atlanta.’ TV One has made no definitive decision as to the future of ‘R&B Divas Atlanta.’ I would hope the fans get to see at least one more season of TV One’s highly-rated series,” Thornton expressed.

Additionally, as we previously reported, TV One remains in litigation over “R&B Divas Atlanta” with previous executive producer Nicci Gilbert over the network’s creation of “Hollywood Divas.” There may also be additional litigation from the existing executive producers, who were initially told that “Hollywood Divas” was not a spin-off of “R&B Divas,” but then the network released a press announcement calling it a spin-off.

Stay tuned…

Monifah, Syleena Johnson, Meelah Williams, additional singer,LaTavia Roberson & Angie Stone

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