Christian Keyes: Arousing Fantasies In Debut Novel

It appears America’s appetite for titillating romance novels have heightened, as Hollywood actor Christian Keyes’ debut tome, “Ladies Night” saw a surge in sales leading up to Valentine’s Day and with the momentum of the film “Fifty Shades of Grey” at the box office.

“Ladies Night” (Urban Renaissance/Kensington Books) is Keyes’ first book and landed in the Top 10 downloads for Urban Books on iTunes in December 2014.  The fictional tale centers around Amp Anthony, a struggling ex-felon who turns to exotic dancing as a last resort of making ends meet and putting his life back together.

“When the movie ‘Magic Mike’ came out, I saw so many messages on social media about there not being enough black and brown people in the film. I figured that I should write one that had a more urban feel to it, but was also completely different in terms of the story.  I wanted to give it some layers, levels, messages and some heart, as well as multiple characters to fall in love with,” the Flint, Michigan native told about his inspiration for writing the novel.

With the recent success of “Fifty Shades of Grey” and the anticipation for the sequel to “Magic Mike” following the release of its trailer, the 39-year-old author said the chapters in “Ladies Night” will offer fans of both films the same type of sensationalized fantasy.

“There’s definitely the eye candy factor, the sensual and passionate nature of some of the scenes. It’s definitely intelligently-sexy, but also classy,” offered Keyes. “Also, women are enjoying the fact that a strong, sexy woman owns the club that these guys dance at.  I wanted to empower women with this and let them feel like they’re in control at times and make them lose control at other times.”

Christian Keyes

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Keyes, named by Ebony magazine as one the 50 Most Eligible Bachelors in the U.S., has never worked as a professional stripper like the character Amp, but he did participate in an amateur night dare.

“Right after college, my girlfriend at the time dared me to do the amateur night contest. So I did it and made $700 in 45 minutes. The club was calling my house for the next two months looking for Dr. Feelgood,” he laughed.

However, Keyes says if he was a stripper for one-night-only, there are a few celebrities he would love to entertain.

“Hypothetically speaking, Sanaa Lathan or Taraji P. Henson. I think either of them would be fun to perform for, plus their both very attractive, sexy and talented,” he confessed.

Christian Keyes

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But while the actor has never been an exotic dancer, many of the other stories included in “Ladies Night” were pulled right from his life story.

“Many of the experiences from the novel really happened to me. The robbery at the gas station happened to me when I was working at a 7-11 during the third shift back in college. The rest you have to read the book to learn about,” he shared.

In addition to traveling the country doing book signings and continuing to promote “Ladies Night,” the man Tyler Perry said was “one of the most consistent male actors I’ve worked with” continues to make an impact in Hollywood.

Currently seen on BET’s “Let’s Stay Together,” Keyes also had recently multi-episode turns on ABC’s “Mistresses” and CW’s “Beauty and the Beast.”  In addition to his TV work, Keyes has three films, “The Man In 3B,” “The Preacher’s Son” and “The Choir Director” all coming out this year.

If that wasn’t enough, he revealed: “I just got some really good news about the ‘Ladies Night’ film!” “Ladies Night” is available online and at retail outlets where books are sold.

Christian Keyes

VIDEO: Watch the book trailer for “Ladies Night” starring Christian Keyes and actress Brely Evans.

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