Law & Order: Judge Glenda Hatchett Returning To TV

Beloved legal eagle Judge Glenda Hatchett is returning to television in Fall 2016 with a new show called, “The Verdict with Judge Hatchett.”

The court room series is Hatchett’s second on television, as she previously hosted the nationally syndicated “Judge Hatchett.” That show aired for eight seasons and was produced by Sony Television Studios.

“The Verdict with Judge Hatchett” will be produced by Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios and is the company’s sixth court show; joining a roster that includes “Justice with Judge Mablean,” “America’s Court with Judge Ross,” “Justice for All With Judge Cristina Perez,” “We the People With Gloria Allred” and “Supreme Justice With Judge Karen.”

Judge Glenda Hatchett

Judge Glenda Hatchett

During Global United Fellowship’s The Gathering 2015 in Jacksonville, Florida earlier this month, Judge Hatchett told AlwaysAList.com that she was “excited” about her return to television, and that the “timing is right.”

The 64-year-old founding partner at the national law firm, The Hatchett Firm, PC serves as Spokesperson for Family for the Christian fellowship GUF.

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“I’m here because I believe in what the Global United Fellowship is called to do for this time at this place in the history of the universe. We as Christians had no choice but to stand strong because there are too many children and too many families in crisis, not just in this nation but throughout the world,” she expressed.

Whether the kidnapping of the 300 Nigerian school girls, the murder of Trayvon Martin or any of the horrible senseless acts of murder and violence towards Black children, Hatchett said that the Christian community must be proactive with its work in helping to save the children and heal our families.

Jawn Murray & Judge Glenda Hatchett

Jawn Murray & Judge Glenda Hatchett

“When parents wake up in Nigeria not knowing where their daughters are, not knowing will they ever see them again because they’ve been kidnapped by extreme elements in this world, Christians cannot be quiet. When a 12-years-old leaves his home and is playing in a park which turns out to be a toy gun and is shot down within 3 seconds of the police officers arriving, Christians cannot be quiet,” she declared. “But I will also say that we as Christians have to raise the question why are our 12-year-old children in the park playing with guns with no adults. Where are we? I’m not just talking about biological parents; I’m talking about spiritual parents. We have got to understand that our families must be strengthen that’s why I’m here because we have to pour into them and it’s not just about families and children, in isolation that’s why I’m talking about economic empowerment and we’ve got to talk about education, we’ve got to talk about poverty, we’ve got to talk about the pipeline to prison. We as global, stand ready holistically to address these problems. Because I don’t want to have to explain to God, I don’t want to have to explain to God, why I was quiet.”

In addition to her work in GUF and even while shooting her new TV series, the Atlanta-based judge plans to continue to build her law firm, The Hatchett Firm, PC. She’s already been involved in several high profile cases and told AlwaysAList.com she’s enjoying being back on the attorney side of the bench!

“I recently opened a national law firm because I need to be on this side of the bench advocating for what is right and so bishop I am fully committed, we are going to make an enormous difference in the world and God is going to be pleased,” she concluded.

Judge Glenda Hatchett

Judge Glenda Hatchett


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