Pastor Marlon Lock: Talks Music & How Reality TV Has Affected Church Attendance

Marlon Lock is the pastor of the Unity Gospel House of Prayer Church and an independent recording artist making his name for himself in Gospel music.

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the 39-year-old minister released his album “Good Seed Project” in June 2015. Led by the first single, “He Delivered Me,” Pastor Lock is generating significant buzz in the industry with his debut album.

Now with the follow-up single, “Hang On” building momentum, AlwaysAList.com caught up with the young singing-preacher to learn how he felt about being called to ministry at a young age; preachers doing reality TV and how he balances the preaching and singer career.[divider]

You’ve been a preacher since the young age of 10. Are there aspects of your life that you felt like you missed out on?

Marlon Lock CD single“No! I found out I didn’t miss anything. I was called at the age of 5 and preached at 10, but from the age range of 18 to 26 through college up to adulthood, I was a wretch undone. I knew the Word of God. Every time my granddad would preach, the Word would pierce my soul. I felt stuck—even in the church—and I was living with a true man of God. I would be sorry God, but I just could not control myself. It wasn’t until I was at my lowest of lows, when I felt like taking my own life and just when I thought I would lose it all; Jesus gave me hope and He delivered me completely! You have to be real with yourself. When you get tired of you, God can and will deliver you!”

Being both a pastor and having a professional music ministry, is it a challenge to balance them both?

“Actually, no. My church ministry is my first obligation. The Word is what delivers and helps people. The music is an additional vehicle we used to reach the final destination.”

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Marlon Lock CDIn an age of preachers and prophetesses doing reality shows, do you find people are more resistant than ever to the idea of joining and being involved in church?

“Yes, I think reality shows have impacted the church. The reason being is because television shows want ratings. They vaguely air church service where people are being helped or lives being changed. Even when they do, the disagreements and mishaps that occur among those involved overtake the positive things that people don’t see that it is about changing lives for the better. So what’s being aired places those pastors in a bad light. Reality shows are taking away from just that—reality. Not saying the people are not right but what’s depicted affects the entire body of Christ.”

Pastor Marlon Lock

Pastor Marlon Lock

Your first single from the “Good Seed Project” was “He Delivered Me.” What has God delivered you from?

“A few things. But the major sin was being a womanizer. I did not physically abuse women, but [I did] emotionally. How so? I said what they wanted to hear to get what I wanted to get. But God used a woman, my wife, to get my attention. She was sincere in her walk with Christ. She did not know what I was on and did not know I had a lust problem. I tried my ‘game’ on her and she told me off. Basically saying if you think I’m going to put you before the Lord, you crazy. I wanted to marry her. She would not marry me and my granddad, the founder of the church I now Pastor, would not marry us until I was delivered. Now, 13 years and 5 children later, I married a woman of God who stood up for God.”

Ultimately, what impact do you want to make and what do you hope people take away from you ministry?

“I just want people to know that whatever they are dealing with, they can get delivered from it! I mean truly delivered! And there are ‘normal’ Christians living ‘normal’ lives that truly live for the Lord and desire to help His people.”


Marlon Locke 3

Pastor Marlon Lock & wife

Pastor Marlon Lock’s “Good Seed Project” is available at all digital download retailers and in stores nationwide.


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