Claudia Jordan: Feels “Folks Like Seeing Two Black Women Go At It” On TV

Reality TV star Claudia Jordan admits fame comes at a cost, and the price is regularly being misunderstood.

Jordan, who currently stars on TV One’s fledgling reality franchise “The Next 15,” told ABC Radio Networks Entertainment Producer Karu F. Daniels that the manipulation of reality shows by its producers doesn’t give viewers an accurate view of the participants.

“I always thought that, and maybe I was wrong, that going on a reality show, that folks would get to know me better for who I am. I didn’t take into consideration how much of it was orchestrated or edited. So maybe that was me being a little naive,” Jordan confessed.

Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan

A former beauty queen, who modeled on game shows like “The Price Is Right” and “Deal or No Deal,” said despite having prior success before entering the reality TV genre, she never imagined the attention she would receive.

“You’re like an instant celebrity even though I’ve already been considered one before this. I can’t lie and say that it hasn’t given my career a shot in the arm,” she offered, before adding: “It gives you the boost in other things.”

The 42-year-old personality feuded with Omarosa Manigault during her tenure on Donald Trump’sThe Celebrity Apprentice;” and then battled with NeNe Leakes on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Claudia Jordan & Omarosa Manigault in the board room on "The Celebrity Apprentice"

Claudia Jordan & Omarosa Manigault in the board room on “The Celebrity Apprentice”

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“I think for some reason folks like seeing two black women go at it, unfortunately,” she admitted. “But that’s why when I go on these reality shows, I try my best to show something a little bit different.”

Despite her efforts to “show something a little bit different,” the Rhode Island-bred beauty is embroiled in another feud with former “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams on “The Next 15.” Jordan feels this conflict was not her fault.

Jennifer Williams & Claudia Jordan in a scene on "The Next 15"

Jennifer Williams & Claudia Jordan in a scene on “The Next 15”

“Seeing how that chick has always kind of been looked at as a victim on reality television, like people would think that people were mean to her, she’s been slapped, she’s had drinks thrown in her face, I thought she would be more compassionate and more understanding,” the former fashion model confesses about mistakenly taking Williams into her confidence and revealing her sexual assault to her.

“For her to come on this show and in turn try to be the super bully is ridiculous,” Jordan continues. “You’ve learned nothing. You’ve learned absolutely nothing and you missed an opportunity.”

Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan

The root of the tension between Jordan and Williams stems from the fact that the ex-wife of NBA star Eric Williams was romantically linked to Jordan’s ex-husband, model-turned-TV producer Datari Turner during the time “The Next 15” was filming.

Jordan and Turner wed in a quickie Las Vegas wedding in November 2009, but the reality star filed for an annulment after a tumultuous split in April 2010.

Jordan knows that type of drama is just what producers like to draw from while crafting storylines for reality TV.

“I don’t think it always has to end in a fight or going down that road,” she conceded. “I’ll never fight on television. You’ll never see me fist-fight somebody. Never. Never. I’m 42 years old. What the hell do I look like? I’d probably throw my back out trying to fight with one of these dumb little ratchets.”

Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan

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