A-List Rides: 2016 Ford Mustang Coupe Premium

The Ford Mustang Coupe Premium is the perfect marriage of muscle car and sporty sophistication. Subtle luxury aside, this car still feels like a man-mobile and you get the aggressive you expect as soon as you kick this thing into gear.

Powerful and pretty, this masculine automobile went through a dramatic redesign in 2015. The car offers 435-horsepower Mustang GT provides great performance and delivers one hell of a kick in the acceleration department while maintaining it smoothness. The car offers multiple drive options, but who wouldn’t want to drive a Mustang in the sport mode.

Ford effectively utilized the interior space. This refined whip has sleek leather furnishings and all the expected amenities one wants in a new age car.

Ford Mustang Coupe 2016 2There’s plenty of space in the trunk for storage and cargo, and let’s face it, the backseat area really isn’t for a human—it’s extra storage space too!

It’s respectable on gas—offering 16 city miles and 25 highway miles per gallon. While driving it around the inner city of Washington, DC it took me three days to empty my full tank. But the needle on the gas tank barely moved during highway drives from Baltimore to the Nation’s Capital; as well as from Washington, DC to the country town of Warrenton, VA.[divider]

Spin Control: With an average stick price of about $32,000, the Ford Mustang Coupe Premium is everything you want in this type of muscle car and more.

Status: A LIST[divider]

WATCH: Check out the inside look into the 2016 Ford Mustang Coupe Premium below. If you have questions about the car, go to and posts comments under the vehicle.

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