A-List Rides: 2016 Ford Edge Titanium

It was going to be a super errands weekend and the 2016 Ford Edge Titanium was right on time. I was looking forward to putting this second generation version of the Edge on the highway and driving out to the Dutch Farmer’s Market in Upper Marlboro, Maryland where I planned to load up on all the homegrown vegetables and Amish-made goods and meats.

Of course this spacious, but not overwhelmingly-big, SUV was perfect for carrying all the bags of groceries I purchased; in addition to all of the things my mother and aunt shopped for as well.

I liked that the Ford Edge still commands the road with the presence of a full-size SUV, but its build is still sensible enough that it fits in a standard garage without any effort. The gas mileage was not ideal in my opinion despite it being projected at 21 miles per gallon in the city and 30 on the highway.Ford Edge 2016

Its drive was smooth—at times it feels like it floating because it’s very light for its size—but occasionally, the transmission’s delay would make it seem a little sluggish. The SUV does boast a 280-horse power, 3.5-liter V-6 engine.

The newly redesigned exterior is beautiful to me—mine was a warm rust color. It’s a sophisticated approach to the SUV, which remains unisex and versatile in its target demographic. For example, its ideal for family functions like the one I used it for; but also hold up for a young trendy couple headed to some swanky soiree.

The Titanium trim I pushed had variable-ratio steering and offers a new optional infotainment system called Sync 3.

The seats were extremely comfortable and everything about the interior design was well-appointed and featured quality materials. And honestly, there’s something about a moon-roof that just adds additional beauty to any vehicle!Ford Edge 2016 1

Whether parking in garages in DC’s downtown to a quick trick down to the country to visit my dad, not only did I enjoy the ride and functionality of the Ford Edge, but I kept being asked: “Wow, that’s really a Ford?” It was an unexpected attention-getter! [divider]

Spin Control: With an average price of $36,500 for the Ford Edge, you’re getting comfort, spaciousness, aggressive drive and stylish luxury. I believe it’s certainly worth it!

Status: A- LIST[divider]

WATCH: Check out the inside look into the 2016 Ford Edge Titanium below. If you have questions about the car, go to and posts comments under the vehicle.

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