A-List Rides: 2016 Chrysler 200 C

I was afraid I was going to get a crash course in the 2016 Chrysler 200 C—literally. So here’s what happened: The day that Chrysler had the 200 dropped off to me, I decided to go to a concert that evening at the Howard Theatre in Washington, DC to see 90’s R&B trio SWV.

I got into the car and began on 395 North towards Washington, DC and it began to snow and snow hard too! The roads had not been treated and cars began slipping and sliding and it almost brought the entire highway to a standstill. I was able to take an exit off 395 in Arlington and detour to less crowded territory. Things were going well, initially, and then as I approached a small hill on Columbia Pike, the Chrysler 200 seemed a little uncertain as to if the tires were confident enough to make it.

I paused a few times, backed up and gave it a few goes and eventually we were off and running…well, slowing moving I should say. I ultimately made it to downtown—I was so close to the city that it would have been worse to have turned around into the heavier traffic and head home—and made it to my concert.

IMG_5594There was no issue getting home that night and I felt safe as I journeyed on the wet, but not snow-covered streets.

A few days later, it snowed again, but this time the streets were treated. The Chrysler was sturdy and solid its drive. It had a 3.6 L V6 engine that packed some punch.

This sedan has a casual, sleek design on the outside and its two-tone interior was amazingly attractive. That car had great safety options and really offered every imaginable amenity.

It lands 23 city and 36 highway miles per gallon, but projections aside, it was just good on gas. I drove it nearly six days around the city and into the suburbs (one day it was covered in snow) and never had to refill the tank.

Everyone worries about their car and how it will perform in inclement weather. I’m a testament that the Chrysler 200 C rose to the occasion and not even unexpected weather could cause it to under-perform.[divider]

Spin Control: It is spacious, has a smooth drive and an average price of around $29,000. This sedan is definitely worth its ticket price.

Status: B LIST[divider]

WATCH: Check out the inside look into the 2016 Chrysler 200 C below. If you have questions about the car, go to and posts comments under the vehicle.

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