Both Sides Now: Chaka Khan Out Of Rehab & In The Studio

R&B veteran Chaka Khan has resumed her concert dates following a stint in rehab.

The 10-time Grammy winner announced in early July she had checked into a rehabilitation facility for an addiction to prescription pain medication.

Khan left the rehab on August 1 and is not only back to performing, but she’s headed back into the studio to record new music as well.

Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan

The Queen of Funk has been working on a covers album that will showcase her interpretations of folk-rock artist Joni Mitchell. Khan revealed her plans in an interview with the

“I’ve been working back into stuff solo. I’m doing my Joni Mitchell tribute CD. I’ve wanted to do this for many years. I finally had the opportunity to do it with a label in England, so I said OK, let’s jump in and get that craw out of my throat. There are some (guest) artists but I’m not going to say anything about it now,” she told the newspaper.

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Khan is song-stylist who has recorded music in genres ranging from R&B, funk and disco; to jazz, gospel and pop.  She acknowledged that while she still is big on musicality and instrumentation, she doesn’t dismiss artists that lean heavily on technology to create their material.

Come 2 My House“There are two kinds of music – the music that relies on technology and the kind that doesn’t,” she explained. “Both have an equal following. A lot of the high-tech stuff with keyboards for the entire thing is popular among younger people. But people of another age, 40s and up, we still know soulful and well-done music and music that’s played by musicians and gravitate toward that and know that music.”

Khan, who was recently played by her daughter Indira Milini Khan in TV One’s “Love Under New Management: The Miki Howard Story,” was close friends with the late Prince who died in April from a prescription drug overdose.

The 63-year-old vocalist and the late music master collaborated on an album in 1998 called “Come 2 My House.”

“My tribute to Prince is a private one and a personal one. We’re working some of that music into my show so I can talk about it and do a little walk through our history,” she concluded.

Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan

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