Instant Vintage: Cirque du Soleil’s “Kurios” Makes Old New Again

There are circuses, and then there is Cirque du Soleil!

The Canadian circus arts company has created masterful productions that are staged in Las Vegas, New York City, Orlando and in multiple international destinations.

Cirque du Soleil also has eight different productions on tour, one of which, “Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities” was able to see during is Washington, DC area residency at Lerner Town Square at Tysons II in Tysons, Virginia.

Each Cirque show boasts a unique theme and performance attractions. With “Kurios,” Cirque marries the past and the future with its whimsical use of things like a vintage train and railroad, industrial devices and gadgets from the black-and-white TV era.  It pairs those throwback gizmos with contemporary showmanship and acrobatic moves that take your breath away.

Led by the Seeker, a quirky cast of characters move through this production and use some traditional forms of magic and imagination to thread together a 19th Century Industrial novella that’s intriguing, engaging and evokes feelings of nostalgia.

As with most Cirque shows, “Kurios” has wonderful music and an angelic vocalist belts out several numbers in a manner that would make Celine Dion proud.

In addition to the most petite (and stylish) little person you may witness in your life, the show features attractions like Banquine that features muscular men lifting, performing stunts, launching off each other’s shoulders and other wow-moment displays.

My mother and I attended “Kurios”

There is also a quartet of female contortionists that bend and twist their way into pretzel-like moves that leave attendees in awestruck.

Plus, there’s simple-yet-effective moments like Theater of Hands, where a hot air balloon inflates as it descends from the tent and becomes a projection screen for a human hand video production where the performers create puppet-like movements with their fingers.

“Kurios” has rope-swinging, high-flying and enough aerial-awe to leave you sitting on the edge of your seat.

The family-friendly show runs two hours and 15 minutes and there’s a 25-minute intermission at the half way mark.

“Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities” has tour dates scheduled through April 2017 in New York City (starting Sept. 29), Miami (starting Dec. 10), Dallas (starting Feb. 17) and Houston (starting April 6).

WATCH: See the trailer for Cirque du Soleil’s “Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities.”



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