Road Tripping: From Atlanta, Georgia To Montgomery, Alabama

I had not been to Montgomery, Alabama since I was a teenager. Really, with some of the things that had been transpiring in Alabama as of late, I wasn’t remotely interested in going back to that area. But as life would have it, my good friend Mychael Knight (of “Project Runway” fame) died and his funeral services were being held in Montgomery.

So the good folks at Prestige arranged for me to drive a 2017 Volkswagen Golf TSI SEL from Atlanta to Montgomery. Montgomery has a very small airport with limited flights in and out, so making the two and half hour drive from Atlanta was not just the ideal scenario, but something some people do regularly when flying into Montgomery.

Now don’t let the small-size fool you. Though it may be a compact sedan with a hatchback, the VW Golf was one powerful whip! This car had amazing pick-up, packed a punch on the road and handled so well. I felt as though it was gripping the highway as a drove down Interstate 85 with minimal traffic on the road.

I felt secure as a drove down the highway because the car felt sturdy and offered numerous driver safety options. The model trim that I had of the VW Golf had both the Lighting and Driver Assistance packages.

And despite its smaller size, the VW Golf comfortably carried my medium-sized suitcase and the small duffle bag I had with me. And when I picked up my friend Sherri Shepherd from the airport in Montgomery, her two large suitcases and one duffle bag fit in the trunk area, while another medium-sized bag was placed on the back seat (she was traveling heavy because she was flying in from a movie set).

The car had great gas mileage. After picking up the vehicle at the airport in Atlanta, I drove to Decatur to the barbershop and stopped past a Chick-Fil-A four miles from there before hitting the highway to Montgomery.

It was a 160 mile trip to Montgomery and when I arrived, the gas tank was still at about 65% full. I drove around Montgomery for two days and only gassed up before my drive back to Atlanta on Sunday; with the gas tank still having a quarter-tank of gas in it. The VW Golf boasts up to 25 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway.

Great drive, stellar performance, exceptional on gas and effective use of space despite it size, the VW Golf served my road trip needs.

Spin Control: Whether you’re looking for a compact car because you live in the city or you want the ideal vehicle for a college student or someone who prefers a smaller vehicle, the VW Golf could be an ideal option for you. With a price range from $23,000 to $31,000 depending on the trim, there’s a model option to meet your needs.

Status: B+

Check out the inside look into the vehicle below:

WHERE TO STAY: While in Montgomery, I stayed at the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa at the Convention Center. An ideal location in the revitalized district of downtown Montgomery, the Renaissance had the perfect balance of modern luxury and southern charm. A dazzling water fountain display greets you when you drive up to the property. And the valet staff was warm and immediately offered to assist with bags.

The large lobby area was extremely clean with a decor that also captured the elegance the Renaissance aims to embody with the warmth of the city. Unique pieces of art that capture a diverse array of women wearing Victorian era dresses hang from the wall behind the check-in desk. And other art pieces are positioned throughout the walls in the lobby.

The rooms have the signature feel known by Marriott, but this property has floor-to-ceiling windows with a great view of the river and the train track. My room had both a glass shower and a bathtub, and the bedding was plush. The property offers complimentary Wi-Fi and premium movie channels in all rooms. And after that flight from Washington, DC and the drive from Atlanta, I opted to get a spa service while staying there.

Beautiful property, great service and a wonderful gift basket from Melissa Bowman of the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce welcomed me at the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa. If you’re ever in Montgomery, I suggest you stay there.

Check out my inside look into the property below:

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