A-List Rides: Countryside Exploration In The 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser

Nothing like a road trip in a big, luxury SUV. That’s exactly what I did in the 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser.

I put this large-size truck on the road to visit my hometown, Warrenton, Virginia – a ride that’s about 50 minutes from downtown Washington, DC without traffic. I took my good friend Khaalida along for the journey, as we made the trek from the big city and went to visit the picturesque pint-sized town in Virginia.

Taking the Toyota Land Cruiser down Highway 66 was great. It’s smooth, powerful drive is just what you need on a long stretch of active highway like that. It also adapted well as we got on to U.S. Route 29, a mostly two-lane stretch of highway with lots of turns and mini hills.

Now because the Land Cruiser doesn’t offer great gas mileage, I was already a little past a half of a tank when I left D.C. After that 37 mile drive, I was just about around a quarter of a tank, so I gassed up in Warrenton because the prices were much cheaper down there. The Land Cruiser gets 13 city miles per gallon in the city and just 18 miles per gallon on the highway.

Though this was only a day trip, we could have carried plenty of luggage because the cargo space in the Land Cruiser plentiful. Instead, I loaded the back seat up with bags of fruits and vegetables that I got from the local farmer’s market on the way home. I got to experience a little of the Land Cruiser’s off road ability driving up to the farmer’s market. You take a long gravel roadway to get to the store. And because I like a photo shoot, we drove the vehicle into part of the farm land to take a few shots. The handling was exceptional.

This truck offers every modern amenity you can imagine. One of my favorites, of course, is the arm rest cooler. Nothing like placing a bottle of water or juice in that container and having a refreshing chilled drink in just a short time.

We felt safe on the highway, had fun taking it on the country roads and were extremely comfortable the entire drive, as the entire internal cabin is made for just that.

Spin Control: The 2018 is a staple for Toyota and hasn’t been redesigned in years. It’s no cheap purchase at a starting price of $84,315, but you get luxury, amenities and one sturdy SUV for this investment vehicle. They’ve got to find a way to elevate the poor gas mileage though!

Status: A- LIST

VIDEO: So check out my inside look into the 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser and determine whether it’s an automobile that meets your needs.

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