#LetsTalkLive – Black Preachers Meet With Donald Trump At White House

I had a visceral reaction to the news that several prominent African American pastors and some not-so-significant ones went to meet with Donald Trump at the White House for what was supposed to be a meeting about prison reform.

After several hours of just wrapping my head around what happened, I wrote the message below on social media and ultimately shared my feeling on the matter via my #LetsTalkLive broadcast on FacebookLive.

Read my words below and then enjoy the video!

Proverbs 2:12-14 “Wisdom will protect you from evil schemes and from those liars who turned from doing good to live in the darkness. Most of all they enjoy being mean.”

Every seat at the table ain’t a good one!

Thanks to the African American preachers who declined being exploited by those false prophets Paula White and Darrell Scott and opted against the White House photo op disguised as a meeting on criminal justice reform.

I watched the live stream and seeing how several prominent preachers (a few I used to respect) sat there and fawned over this man despite his consistent racism and bigotry towards people of color – it was an embarrassment!

One pastor said: “You have an ear to hear from God!” I never knew God downloaded messages of vulgarity, hateful bigotry, racism, sexism and all of the other deplorable things Trump has said and done. But what I do know, if that was my pastor and a church I attended, I’d be seeking new covering immediately.

What I witnessed today was reprobate and I was embarrassed to be a Black Christian.

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