Rainy Ride: A Challenging Commute In The Kia Sorento

It’s always easy to test drive a vehicle when the sun is out and the weather is stellar. If I’m telling the truth, great weather can sometimes make you feel better about a car that you really don’t love as much as you think you do.

So I had two ideal days of putting the 2019 Kia Sorento to a real test—horrendous weather days back to back.

I had to host an event in Lorton, VA about 20 miles from my home outside of Washington, DC. Sounds like an easy commute, but it was a Friday, post-rush hour and as my mother would say, ‘it was raining cats and dogs.’ And this just wasn’t a light drizzle—I’m talking thunder, intense lightening and heavy rain. While the aggressive storm didn’t go on for two days, I did have to make this drive to my event in the storm which was a perfect test for this larger mid-size SUV.

Though I love the vehicles sunroof, the first thing I did when I got in the car was close it so I wasn’t seeing the lightening so vividly. The handling of the Sorento was solid and firm, and while I wasn’t blown away by its handling, I did feel safe maneuvering in the inclement weather.

The windshield wipers were affective at keeping my view clear so that I could focus on the road. The vehicle lights were also bright enough that even with the rain – quite heavy at times – I could see everything around me, including cars that may have slowed down on the highway.

The ride was comfortable despite the intense circumstances. The seats were extremely comfortable and I had great appreciation for the stylish interior design of the Sorento.

The functionality of the vehicle didn’t have me stressed or worried driving in such challenged conditions and though I took this ride with intent, I thought about how owners of the vehicle could get caught unexpectedly in a storm like this while making their way home from work in their evening commute. In that mindset I could truly say that the durability and safety features on the Sorento would make that customer as at ease as I was on that challenging Friday evening.

This SUV has a third row for those who may be car pooling from work or playing the soccer game parent that week. That third row is quite snug – so smaller people climb back there only – and more times than not I would have it dropped for additional cargo space in the trunk area.

With better than average gas mileage, the Sorento offers up to 22 city miles per gallon and you can get upwards of 29 miles per gallon on the highway.

Spin Control: It has a starting price of $26,890 and you can upgrade your Sorento enough that it could run you $45,680, but overall it’s a solid SUV that you can adapt to whatever your budgetary needs are.

Status: B

VIDEO: So check out my inside look into the 2019 Kia Sorento and determine whether it’s automobile that meets your needs.

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