Hart Matters: Jawn Murray Talks About Kevin Hart Being Out At The Oscars

AlwaysAList.com’s Jawn Murray appeared on HLN’s “On The Story” with anchor Susan Hendricks to talk about Kevin Hart stepping down from hosting the Academy Awards, after Twitter trolls drug up old Twitter jokes he made nearly a decade ago using some gay slurs.

Jawn Murray on HLN’s set in the CNN Studios in Washington, DC

Murray spoke to Hendricks about how comedians should be allowed to evolve and the challenges The Oscars will face trying to find a host that hasn’t made a joke and performed content that’s offensive to someone, especially in these hyper-sensitive, politically correct times.

He even offers some suggestions of people who would be able to host under the new scrutiny – as he feels the options are limited, but also adds that he and Hendricks could helm the show themselves.

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WATCH: Jawn Murray on HLN’s “On The Story.”

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