InstaVacations: People Are Planning Getaways For The Perfect Social Media Pictures

The latest fad in trendy travel is people fulfilling their desires to travel more and social media is their incentive.

More and more people are scheduling their vacations and personal travel trips around destinations and locations that offer them the best photos for social media.

AlwaysAList.com has some tips on how to best execute your InstaVacations and even shared some of these ideas during a recent appearance on WTTG Fox 5’s “Good Day DC.”

Jawn Murray at Wynwood Walls in Miami


Jawn Murray in Deep Deep Ellum in Dallas

Cities with robust street art programs, city murals, contemporary art museums and graffiti alleys are great destinations to get that perfect photo backdrop on social media.

Miami is a great example of this type of city. It has a neighborhood called Wynwood Walls that features blocks and blocks of street murals and building paintings in a community full of trendy coffee shops and cafes, as well art museums and cool boutiques.

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Jawn Murray in Graffiti Alley in Baltimore

Nashville is another market that has continues to enhance the city’s contemporary feel and growing population with lots of street art. They even have a set of angel wings that people line up to take photos with in an area called The Gulch.

Dallas offers a vast assortment of street art and culture in an area called Deep Ellum; you could spend hours checking out the various murals and building paintings on Melrose Avenue in the heart of West Hollywood; and Baltimore also offers an exceptional backdrop for social photos in a small picturesque strip called Graffiti Alley, which is just blocks away from the Inner Harbor downtown.


Katy Perry at the Museum of Ice Cream

One of the biggest trends in marketing and tourism these days are pop-up museums and social media installations. Often called Made-for-Instagram Museums, these attractions are usually ticketed and featured larger-than-life visuals and backdrops that are the picture-perfect setting for social media images.

One of the more famous pop-up art exhibits is the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco. People travel from all over the country to visit this location, which has done limited runs in other major markets like Los Angeles and Miami. Katy Perry was a big fan of this experience, and Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy had a blast visiting as well.

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Jawn Murray at the Infinity Mirrors Exhibit

Similarly, there are more traditional art exhibits that still offer visually stunning images and video like Infinity Mirrors by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. This touring art showcase has been a huge hit with both contemporary art lovers and social media enthusiasts and its limited engagements in cities like Washington, DC; London; Los Angeles; Cleveland; and Toronto have had people traveling far and wide to experience it and capture images for social media.


You still can’t go wrong using historical attractions or iconic landmarks as travel backdrops for social media. Oftentimes, you can get a little history and an Instagram moment too.

The Epcot ball at Walt Disney World in Orlando

Whether it’s signature landmarks like the London Eye in London or the famed Eiffel Towel in Paris; or capturing the Epcot Ball at Walt Disney World in Orlando and getting that perfect shot with Elvis Presley memorabilia at Graceland in Memphis; these are moments the attention of your audience on social media.

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Also consider the wonders of the world and nature’s attractions. With an iconic destination like the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona; Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls, New York; or El Arco Rocks on Lover’s Beach in Los Cabos, Mexico – you can still capture great social media images and cause your followers to want to live vicariously through you.

Jawn Murray at Graceland in Memphis


If you’re a big fan of a TV show or a movie, visiting the signature landmark or fixture from that entertainment project could also be an ideal location for your social media destination.

Jawn Murray at The Dunes featured on HBO’s “Insecure”

After landing at Los Angeles International Airport, fans of HBO’s “Insecure” only have a short ride over to Inglewood, Calif. to sit on the steps of the apartment building that Issa called home on the popular sitcom.

The ABC/CMT music drama “Nashville” may have ended, but interest in the storied Blue Bird Café in Nashville hasn’t diminished at all. Fans still line up for photos and take selfies in front of the small music venue in Music City.

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Tourist attention at the home featured on “Breaking Bad” in Albuquerque, New Mexico became so heavy, the owners had to put a fence around it to keep guests from venturing into their yard.

And in Washington, DC; horror fans will never get enough of venturing into Georgetown community and having their moment at the “Exorcist” stairs.

The “Breaking Bad” house in Albuquerque, New Mexico

VIDEO: Watch Jawn Murray share these tips & more during his appearance on “Good Day DC.”

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