Seeing Red: The 2019 Volkswagen Jetta SE Warms Up The Polar Vortex

What better way to break in a car than to put it on the highway for the hustle and bustle of errand running.

I had to head down to Woodbridge, VA to the outlet mall Potomac Mills to get some candles that were being discontinued at the local store that carried them near me. It was a Saturday afternoon, traffic was steady – not unbearable, but getting to have the mix of highway driving and suburb dwelling on my first day in the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta SE allowed me to get a balanced perspective of what to expect during my test run in this sedan.

In a climate where many automotive manufacturers are abandoning production on sedans, in a short time I can see why the Jetta has been a mainstay for the Volkswagen brand. The 2019 model is fully redesigned, but fans of the Jetta know they are getting a solid vehicle with a smooth ride, comfortable interior and a variety of features that make you feel you’ve gotten your money’s worth.

A classic sedan with a classy interior cabin, the redesigned Jetta is spacious, which helps as I start picking up shopping bags and boxes of packages through the course of my day.

While the vehicle doesn’t offer a high-power engine, I didn’t find that it lagged on the highway and the acceleration was substantial for my driving needs. (That says a lot because some would argue I have a need for speed)

The exterior of the car is attractive. My model was a vibrant bright red with a black roof and the red and black combo design added a sexier, edgier element to this classic sedan.

While some of the competitors for the Jetta offer additional luxury elements and heightened amenities in its class, I never felt a lack while driving the Jetta SE.

Throughout the course of my test drive, I would experience driving the vehicle in snow, rain and near spring-like temperatures in the middle of winter. The Jetta performed well in each instant and always felt safe and protected while behind the wheel.

The 2019 model Jetta offers great fuel economy, boasting 28 miles per gallon for city miles and 32 combined with highway.

Favorite Feature: Two-tone black and red design of my model

Least Favorite Feature: Location of push-button start

Spin Control: With base models starting at $19,395 and the Jetta SE, which is what I tested, starting at $23,005; this a good deal on a very solid sedan offering.

Status: B LIST

VIDEO: So check out my inside look into the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta SE and determine whether it’s an automobile that meets your needs.


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