Plentiful Personality: Pushing Around Town In The 2019 Nissan Kicks

I’m biased about the Nissan Kicks. There’s just no getting around that fact.

I actually fell in love with this subcompact SUV offering from Nissan because I test drove it for the first time in Brazil during the 2016 Olympics. And upon my return to the U.S. for nearly a year and a half, I kept asking executives from Nissan: “When is the Kicks going to debut in the U.S.”

So when this car kicked off in America in 2018 replacing the Nissan Juke, I was elated that the vehicle that I had developed a South American love affair with was joining me in the U.S.

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Adding to my appreciation was a big launch event for the Nissan Kicks in San Diego in the spring of 2018. Being able to drive this cool, hip whip down through the beach just added to this vehicle’s trendy, youthful appeal.

So I got to spend some additional time in the 2019 Nissan Kicks SV during an unseasonably warm week in December. I drove the car around both in downtown Washington, DC and throughout the suburbs of Virginia making my round to holiday parties and social events during the Christmas season.

The appeal of the Nissan Kicks is its personality. This car has charisma and charm that sells the practical nature of its offering.

Its two-tone design model is catchy to the eye and its overall design makes it stand out amongst its competitors

It has an efficient drive and great fuel economy—31 city miles per gallon and 36 highway miles per gallon. What is lacks in speed and power, it makes up with plenty of personality.

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Despite its small size, you got more than adequate cargo space. This vehicle also exceptionally efficient powertrain.

As far as safety is concerned, you get standard automated emergency braking; standard forward-collision warning and available blind-spot monitoring.

This is a great first car, ideal for a college student, perfect for a city sleeking single who loves a smaller car or a great pick for a person who wants a daily vehicle for practical purposes.

Favorite Feature: Love the design of the vehicle

Least Favorite Feature: Didn’t have a right arm

Spin Control: With base models starting at $19,585 and the Kicks SV, which is what I tested, starting at $21,295; you’re getting a great car for a bargain.

Status: B+ LIST

VIDEO: So check out my inside look into the 2019 Nissan Kicks SV and determine whether it’s an automobile that meets your needs.


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