First Take: My Debut In The 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio

I felt really lucky – pun intended – getting to spend seven days testing the Italian luxury car brand Alfa Romeo for the first time. My debut encounter with this high-end international auto brand was in the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio and I made the lucky joke because all of the Alfa Romeo vehicles have a four-leaf clover adorned on them.

Quadrifoglio mean four-leaf clover in Italian and the symbol of good luck is usually placed on the side panels of the car, right above or behind the front wheels or on the front wings depending on the vehicle model. The quadrifoglio logo consists of a green cloverleaf with four leaves contained in a white triangle.

Now this isn’t a standard SUV by any means, this car is really special. It has so many features and special offerings; it’s really hard to take it all in during a one week span.

Let’s start with the speed. This vehicle is fast! It has a powerful, exciting engine with 505 horsepower that pushes this SUV like a jet. Having a luxury vehicle move this fast is really remarkable, and you fall in love with the drive of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio really fast.

This SUV is very quiet; it also grips the road and has precise steering. Now there was a slight hesitation when accelerating from a stop that I noticed, but nothing enough to detour the drive experience. And brake pedal feel might feel vague for some drivers.

But the materials that made up the interior cabin are posh. Mostly leather detailing on the paneling, mixed with a pattern on the arm rest that reminds of a Tumi luggage design. The comfortable seats are a mix of leather and suede and my model boasted my favorite interior color-combination, black and red.

While the cargo space isn’t as spacious as some of the competitors in its class, you’re not getting this luxury SUV to haul around wood and big boxes.

The exterior design is unique, with vents in the hood. The contemporary, thoughtfully-executed of the body of this vehicle will have folks asking: “What kind of car is this?” I get that at least a dozen cars.

Gas consumption isn’t great, with 17 miles per gallon and 23 on the highway, but who buys luxury cars and pinches pennies on gas anyway.

Favorite Features: Body design and interior design

Least Favorite Feature: Somewhat snug second row

Spin Control: With a sticker price of $79,795 on my model and so many amenities and high-end offerings with this Italian SUV; if you can afford it, it’s worth the buy.

Status: B+ LIST

VIDEO: So check out my inside look into the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio and determine whether it’s an automobile that meets your needs.


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