Best Of Both Worlds: The 2019 BMW 330i Marries Luxury And Sportiness

There’s no better way to really test a vehicle out than a good old fashioned road trip. So that’s exactly how I decided to put the 2019 BMW 330i to the test during the eight days I had it.

I had some business in New York City and figured this luxury sedan would be the proper chauffeur to get me to the Big Apple – especially since I planned to make a few stops in New Jersey on my way back.

The first leg of my trip was 237 miles and since the 2019 BMW 330i has exceptional fuel economy, I never had to worry about gas mileage on the departure portion of the trip. I could have driven from New York City back to Baltimore without gassing up with the amount of remaining gas I had before my return home, as this sedan boasts an impressive 26 city miles per hour and 36 highway miles per hour.

The car embodies luxury, from the moment you see its sleek, blue design. And opening the door and setting down in the car doesn’t change your realization that you are riding in a higher-end whip.

Comfortable seats with plenty of adjustment options and a spacious cabin made my four-hour trip effortless. The car offers plenty of amenities, like a wireless charger as well as USB and auxiliary connections that I was able to charge all of my devices. The multiple connections allowed me to play my iPod and even use AppleCar Play to backup the vehicle navigation with Waze, the app that will help you cut down travel times.

The BMW 330i was fast, accelerated with ease and gripped the road in a way that made you feel both on the open road and crowded highway. Whether I chose to be an assertive driver maneuvering around traffic or coasting on cruise control, this drive was exciting and the handling was sharp.

The car had great safety controls as well, so even though I try to be a responsible driver it made sure I was full protected.

Though I was only traveling with a small piece of luggage and a backpack, this car was spacious and offered plenty of cargo room.

Considered a luxury sports sedan, the athletic nature of this car is not compromised by its finer trappings. BMW has effectively married the ideas of luxury and sports, presenting a masculine vehicle generously giving you the best of both worlds.

Overall, as you’ll see from the video below, I enjoyed having the 2019 BMW 330i on the road. If was perfection for my solo road trip.

Favorite Features: Side bins in the trunk area with netting & extra long infotainment interface

Least Favorite Feature: Somewhat snug second row leg room with seats fully reclined

Spin Control: This BMW had a sticker price of $40,250. Well worth it, I promise!

Status: A LIST

VIDEO: So check out my inside look into the 2019 BMW 330i and determine whether it’s an automobile that meets your needs.


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