Hill Country Cruising: Taking On Texas In The Nissan Versa

Who knew that Texas had a wine country? I sure didn’t!

Jawn Murray at Contigo Ranch with the Nissan Versa

But I got to experience the beauty of Texas Hill Country and all of its offering while in the city of Fredericksburg for a drive event for the 2020 Nissan Versa.

The Japanese automotive manufacturer and its diversity team curated a unique drive experience for the Versa. We stayed on the fabulous Contigo Ranch, a place that gives you classic western vibes with almost every modern amenity you can think of.

We dined like kings and queens in catered meals by Feast and Merriment; enjoyed a sip and see opportunity at William Chris Winery; competed in a mountainside charcuterie board challenge (my team tied for the win); and had a breathtaking (for the view, not the steps) hike of Pedernales Falls State Park.

It was relaxing, exhilarating and fun; and it all came together for the vehicle named for the first time ever by Consumer Guide as a 2020 Best Buy—the Nissan Versa.

Nissan Versa at Contigo Ranch

While many brands are abandoning sedans and solely focused on trucks and crossover vehicles, the Nissan continues to have success with its Versa because of its offerings.

Jawn Murray with his victorious charcuterie board

This compact sedan (still large enough for most tall people) offers many exclusives in its class size. From safety options to legroom and headroom; the Versa has carved out a niche in design and function areas that you can’t get for its price with its competition.

The Versa is offered in eight different colors – I drove both the red and Nissan’s signature orange colored cars. And of course their is the classic floating roof affect, v-motion grill and boomerang-affect headlights.

The ride through Hill Country was smooth and quiet, controlled and sturdy. And because our drive took place in areas with respectable speed limits, there never felt like we were missing anything in the performance and acceleration.

Influencers and the Nissan Versa at Feast and Merriment

VIDEO: Check out photos from my 2020 Nissan Versa drive experience and watch this video that captures a snapshot of the overall experience.


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