Can We Talk? – I Watched Kevin Hart’s Docu-Series on Netflix

I watched “Kevin Hart: Don’t F**k This Up” on Netflix.

It’s a true docu-series. What reality TV shows used to be before the bad acting, fake storylines, forced drama and predictable storytelling. This was none of that.

They turned on the cameras and caught Kevin Hart’s life as it unfolded. And his life was compelling TV.

I love that this showed the totality of Kevin. Good guy, dickhead, cheating husband, doting father, workaholic and super-friend. (The friendship part is particularly admirable!)

In my personal encounters with Kevin, he’s been nothing but kind. But with any talent with the pressures of success like he’s having, there’s another side to them. He was brave enough to show it.

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In six episodes they covered a lot of territory. Effectively too! From the LGBT tweets and the Oscars fallout, to him working to have a relationship with his once drug-addicted father; I was intrigued at every turn.

So much about this was inspiring, even though there are elements that cause you to side-eye him. Regardless, you can’t help but to respect how real and raw “Don’t F**k This Up” is!

Even if you’ve never laughed at any of Kevin Hart’s jokes, you’ll certainly be entertained by his life!

“Kevin Hart: Don’t F**k This Up” is streaming on Netflix now!

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