Can We Talk? – The Sexual Misconduct Claims Against Cuba Gooding Jr.

Can we talk about Cuba Gooding Jr?

Am I surprised by the sexual misconduct claims against the Oscar winner? Unfortunately, not!

Sadly, at a premiere party for the now-defunct WGN series “Underground” in Los Angeles I saw him act out right in front of me.

A close friend Jasmine Simpkins said: “Have you ever seen Cuba cut up at these parties?”

I replied: “No, but I have heard stories.”

One of those stories was how a then-married Cuba grabbed the assistant of PR powerhouse Simone Smalls and started tonguing her down at a party in NYC.

And comedian Marlon Wayans once said on “Desus & Mero’s” former Viceland show: “I would rather smoke crack then drink after Taye Diggs and Cuba Gooding Jr. I don’t know why liquor affects them the way it does.”

Marlon then played a personal video of Cuba drunk-dancing at an Oscar party and putting a fried chicken bucket on his head.

Marlon added: “He’s the first n—- I’ve seen get white boy wasted!”

So back at the “Underground” party, Jasmine said: “Well, sit back and watch the show. He’ll likely get started any moment now and it’s going to be wild.”

And “wild” was an understatement!

An apparently intoxicated (translation: drunk as a skunk) Cuba started caressing a woman’s shoulders from behind the couch she was sitting on. She was initially shocked, but realized it was him and started laughing.

He then started rubbing on both her and her friend, and gyrating like an old school R&B singer who should no longer be gyrating, and then ultimately licked one of the women across her bare shoulder.

To his defense, if there is one here, the women seemed to be entertained by the apparent drunken shenanigans as they unfolded.

I shared this story back then on FacebookLive and never thought that these types of actions would be the catalyst for the numerous sexual misconduct suits against him.

Though it’s no justification for his inappropriate touching and how the women he violated may feel; Cuba – in my non-medical professional opinion – is an alcoholic and needs extended rehab more than any jail time.

While the accusations against him clearly are not as egregious as and pale in comparison to Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer, R. Kelly, Russell Simmons and others, hopefully he can settle these suits and get back to being a great (preferably sober) actor!

WATCH Marlon Wayans on the Viceland version of “Desus & Mero” to watch him discuss Marlon Wayans.

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