Can We Talk? – We Need A Topical Unisex Panel Show On TV

Sometimes it’s frustrating watching daytime talk shows with all female co-hosts. Lacking a male point of view on these shows sometimes really makes for a lopsided conversation.

For example, on one talk show today (show name redacted) they were talking about Chick-Fil-A announcing it would stop donating to groups viewed as hostile towards the LGBTQ community.

The co-hosts posed questions like:

1. “Is it because their sales are affected?”

2. “Do you think this is pressure from Popeyes?”

3. “Why did they have to announce it publicly? Why couldn’t they have just done it privately?”

Not that you have to be a male to answer the above questions, but maybe because I was a man talking back to the TV today, it reminded me of the lack of male presence on these shows.

But here are my responses to those questions posed:

1. No, their sales aren’t down and they are the no. 3 fast food chain behind McDonalds and Starbucks despite only being only 6 days a week and only in a limited amount of the country

2. Well, while Popeyes went viral for their new chicken sandwich, the national press about people getting shot, stabbed and beat up in their stores while purchasing them has compromised their momentum.

3. Being that Chick-Fil-A has been publicly criticized for their charitable contributions to Christian and conservative organizations, some of which are aggressively anti-gay, that’s why it was essential for them to announce their move publicly.

I really enjoy dialogue and that’s part of my appreciation of talk shows, but I really like when its a balanced dialogue and the hosts seem well-read on the topics!

Just a rant, no judgement though.


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