Can We Talk? – Why I’m Happy Robyn Crawford Wrote Her Whitney Houston Book

Whitney Houston’s longtime friend and one-time lover Robyn Crawford has a new book coming out called, “A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston.”

A friend says to me: “Jawn, I’m surprised you are supporting this Robyn book. Everything about it seems like the kind of thing you would typically hate.”

The truth is, I usually wouldn’t like a book like the one Robyn is releasing.

Robyn Crawford & Whitney Houston (photo by Robyn Crawford)

But for decades, Robyn has remained quiet and never spoke a word about her friendship/relationship with Whitney Houston. Not during the height of the drug use, the tabloid stories about them… Not during Whitney’s marriage or divorce.

And though she always remained silent up until now, members of the Houston family regularly spoke ill of her.

There have been two documentaries about Houston since she died. The Showtime one that delved into her relationship with Robyn; and then there’s the Clive Davis/Pat Houston one that painted Robin in a bad way.

Everyone else has told stories about Robin and shaped a perception of Robyn; so it’s long overdue for Robin to tell her own story and clear up a lot of the untruths.

So I don’t see her revelations as a betrayal to Whitney. I see her revelations as a call to share her truth after years of being mistreated, lied on and exploited.

Robyn Crawford promotes her book on the “Wendy Williams Show.”

“Why didn’t she write this book while Whitney was alive?” someone is bound to ask. Truth is, Whitney wasn’t the one who mistreated her – her family was. And in death, that mistreatment escalated!

So while Pat Houston coordinates hologram tours and does a whole lot of other questionable things in the name of the late great Nippy, the least Robyn can do is write a book that clears up and clarifies and offers her the ultimate closure!

I applaud Robyn Crawford. And I plan to read that book!

“A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston” is being released Nov. 12, 2019 via Dutton Books.


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