Can We Talk? – We Need More Collabs Like Anderson.Paak & Smokey Robinson’s “Make It Better”

In addition to it being a great song, I love just the idea of Grammy winner Anderson.Paak having recorded his latest single “Make It Better” as a duet with Motown legend Smokey Robinson.

“Make It Better” single cover

Anderson is 33. Smokey is 79.

But their 46-year age isn’t a factor in two uniquely gifted entertainers coming together to create a song that’s a Top 5 hit at R&B radio. And funny enough, their voices are very similar despite their four decade age difference.

People of different generations need to connect more, collaborate more, coexist more!

People are always screaming: “Youth, younger… too old, too mature!”

Smokey Robinson and Anderson.Paak on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

But the truth is, millennials were the largest group of supporters for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election. They’re 21 to 35, he’s almost an octogenarian! Folks are trying to reach millennials and their into a politician old enough to be their great grandfather!

I hope more young artists collab with legends like Anderson.Paak and Smokey Robinson did.

I hope more people participate in intragenerational relationships in general.

We all learn from each other and in the end, we ‘make it better’ for each other!

WATCH Anderson.Paak perform his single “Make It Better” with Smokey Robinson on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” 

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