Secret No More: Why Stay Alfred Is The Travel Lodging Brand You Should Know

I had my first experience with Stay Alfred in the summer 2018 in Nashville. I hadn’t heard of the lodging company and an executive in Nashville suggested I try it in lieu of a hotel, as something was going on in the city and hotels were outrageously priced.

That was my introduction to Stay Alfred, a dynamic short-term rental company and one of the best kept secrets in travel.

Stay Alfred at E6 in Austin bedroom 

The brand launched in 2012 and despite being around almost eight years, every time I suggest this company on TV or social media as an option people should explore for housing, folks are still surprised they’ve never heard of it.

Headquartered in Spokane, Washington; the company was co-founded by Jordan Allen and Conrad Manfred. The brand’s name Stay Alfred is a combination of their two surnames. (Manfred has since left the company)

Stay Alfred currently operates in downtown neighborhoods in 33 markets including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, San Diego, Washington, DC and Nashville.

Jawn Murray in Downtown Austin where Stay Alfred at E6 is located

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Brands like AirBnB and HomeAway are likely better known brands, but they’re companies that specialize in short-term rentals in random people’s homes and apartments where you sleep in a stranger’s bed. With Stay Alfred, there’s nothing random about this stay at all.

A shared community lounge inside Stay Alfred at E6 in Austin

Stay Alfred guests are housed in private residences in either luxury apartment buildings and create hotel-like lodging in existing or newly developed residential buildings. It’s like the corporate housing version of the short-term rental with luxury condo or hotel amenities.

The company calls their units “travel apartments,” as the majority of their properties have a full kitchen, laundry equipment and plenty of space. Some of their buildings are completely independent living; others have a small hotel-like staff (with your own in-room Alexa device) at your service.

Pool area at Stay Alfred at E6 in Austin

I recently used Stay Alfred during my first time visiting Austin, Texas. I stayed at the E6 location of Stay Alfred, on the East Side of Austin, which is one of the completely independent living residences just about two miles from Downtown Austin.

Stay Alfred at E6 is located in a great neighborhood that was in walking distance of restaurants, coffee shops and lounges; in addition to having a nail salon and others establishments on the first floor of the building. There are also areas with street art and murals, the type of stuff I like in a neighborhood.

In the how-to video below, you will see what my check-in process was like and the amazing one-bedroom apartment I stayed in during my trip.

Check it out and then go to to see about using their service for your travel needs.

WATCH Jawn Murray’s How-To Check In Video Guide for StayAlfred at E6 in Austin.

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