Sounding Off: Let’s Get One Thing Straight About Oprah Winfrey…

Social media has been the biggest perpetuator of misinformation.

We saw it in the 2016 Presidential Election.

We saw it at the beginning of this pandemic when Black people erroneously spread this false narrative that we couldn’t get coronavirus because of the melanin in our skin.

The truth be told, misinformation on the internet is a pandemic within itself.

So it’s time for me to debunk some misinformation that has corrupted the minds of many social media users and spread throughout the Black community. It’s this misnomer that Oprah Winfrey is anti-Black.

Here’s the truth, Oprah puts 400 men through the all-male Historically Black College Morehouse every single year. Additionally, she has endowed more money to Morehouse than any other person on earth.

Yes, billionaire Robert Smith paid off the student loans and college debt of the class of 2019. He gesture was truly amazing.

But his generous gesture still doesn’t top the investment of $25 million overall that Oprah has made to that institution to educate Black men.

Does that sound like a woman who hates Black people or Black men in particular? If providing a free education for Black men to better themselves is being anti-Black, then we’re all living in an alternate universe.

So to all of the naysayers out there, until you can have that type of impact on changing the lives of Black men, shut up and get to work and keep your sideline criticisms to yourself!

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