Speak Up & Vote: Town Hall On Voting Being A Matter Of Faith & Wickedness Of Evangelicals

Washington, D.C. mega-ministry Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church held a ‘Speak Up and Vote’ Town Hall to address the faith-based community on the importance of voting.

This panel with Co-Pastor Susie C. Owens, Elder Will Grandberry & White House reporter April Ryan not only addresses why voting is important and truly a matter of faith; but we also talk about the “darkness in high places” as it pertains to these troubling evangelicals.

Here’s what I know for sure, white evangelicals like Rod Parsley and Paula White are trying to manipulate Black people with their colonialism Christianity and Black faith leaders need to start calling it out!

This discussion is worth the watch!!! Thanks again Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church for hosting it!

Watch the ‘Speak Up and Vote’ Town Hall by Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church now.

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