TV Talk: I Watched WE TV’s “Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life” & I’m Concerned

So, I watched “Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life” on WE TV.

Let me say this, it’s obvious watching even this first episode that there are some serious emotional challenges with Tamar Braxton. Her brokenness jumps through the TV like this series was shot in 3D!

These aren’t personality traits. This isn’t putting on for the camera. She’s clearly not well. An emotional shell of the woman we were first introduced to “Braxton Family Values.” And I say all of this with true empathy!!!

While I also believe that when you sign up for a production like this—after years of being of already having been on reality TV—there’s a certain expectation to give access; especially since admittedly this entire season was being shot on an abbreviated schedule. I understand why production was often frustrated with her.

You see watching this show that Tamar attempted to limit access and not fulfilling shoot days causes tension with Michael, the executive producer. This isn’t the most favorable impression of him to be honest, as he’s often pushing her to shoot when she’s lost her voice or having emotional breakdowns.

I think the method of storytelling on this series is so effective though. I love that they constantly break the fourth wall let you see behind the scenes. Execution of the first episode was exceptional.

I will continue to watch this show. I’m certainly interested in seeing how things play out. I do think it will give the viewers a greater understanding of why Tamar and her ex-boyfriend David Adefeso are in the place they are currently in.

But I don’t think Tamar should do any more reality TV after this show. And I was happy to see her sister Toni Braxton acknowledged in an interview that Tamar is battling mental illness.

“Get Ya Life” airs on Thursday nights on WE TV. Watch a preview below.

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