King of Conversation Series: Talking Black Church & Mental Health With Dr. Taft Quincey Heatley

To kick off my King of Conversation 👑 series, I interviewed Dr. Taft Quincey Heatley, author of a new book, “The Pandemic Pastor.”

Dr. Heatley and I discuss the current state of the Black church, which was hit particularly hard during the pandemic.

We also explore the intersection of faith and mental health counseling and how Jesus and science can coexist. Dr. Heatley is both a life coach and the pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia so he is serious about people getting professional counseling.

Additionally, I wanted to know how Dr. Heatley balances wearing both hats of a preacher and a life coach.

Dr. Heatley also offers some inspiration to those feeling heavy in their lives and may be considering suicide.

It was an enlightening and empowering conversation that you’ll definitely want to see.

WATCH my conversation with DR. TAFT QUINCEY HEATLEY below.

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