Barbaric Business: Shelton Benjamin Puts Shady Wrestler On Blast

Ring of Honor wrestling star Shelton Benjamin has some solid advice for his wrestling peers—don’t do business with veteran wrestler The Barbarian.

The 37-year-old former Ring of Honor tag team champion took to Twitter to share his experience working with The Barbarian (real name: Sione Havea Vailahi), who is one-half of the legendary wrestling tag team, Powers of Pain.

Apparently, Benjamin and several other wrestlers traveled to Africa in August 2011 with The Barbarian and UPW and was not compensated the money he was promised.

The former World Wrestling Entertainment grappler advised via his Twitter page @Sheltyb803 that if you do chose to work with the 53-year-old veteran wrestler, as least make sure you get your money up front.

During his rant, Benjamin wrote: “If any wrestler is asked by UPW/ Barbarian of Powers of Pain 2 got 2 Nigeria, get 100% of your $$ Upfront. stiffed me & the entire Crew last yr. or if U know a wrestler planning to tour with UPW/Barbarian “P.O.P” please inform them of my warning. I respect all talent that came before me and appreciate what they do but when a so called legend stiff his talent, some of which are not as fortunate as me to have made quite bit of $$ that person and his spouse Can go to Hell. Yes I’m referring only to The Barbarian. NOT WARLORD.”

Shelton Benjamin & The Barbarian

The Orangeburg, South Carolina-bred wrestling star also shared that in addition to not being paid, the wrestlers could have lost their lives, as they were in the location where the 2011 bombing at Abuja’s UN building killed at least 21 people.

“To mention myself @valvenisent @jefflewis and a few other guys basically could have been killed when the bomb went of in Abuja the day before that bomb went off we were yards away from the embassy, and this MO’Fo turns around and stiffs talent. F— YOU BARBARIAN,” Benjamin’s unedited message read.

He concluded: “To my fans please excuse my language but I held this in a long time hoping that Barbarian would reconcile the situation but like a true liar and Thief he nor anyone else answers calls or returns and if by accident they do pick up they hang up immediately. Thank God I have and still make a good living but I feel sorry for those guys who really depended on their pay-offs.”

In addition to working alongside wrestler Charlie Haas as The World’s Greatest Tag Team in Ring of Honor, Benjamin joined New Japan Pro Wrestling earlier this year.  In NJPW, Benjamin teams with friend and fellow WWE superstar MVP.

The Barbarian has yet to respond to Benjamin’s Twitter rant.

Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin in Ring of Honor


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