A-List Rides: Five Star Spinning In Cadillac’s Escalade

It’s the SUV that’s likely had more cameos in rap lyrics than any other vehicle! It’s the entertainment industry’s ride of choice, and it’s the perfect balance of luxury and hip-factor that makes it just that!

I’m talking about the Cadillac Escalade of course and I recently spent 14 days (there’s a story behind that) in the 2012 Escalade AWD Premium Collection in White Diamond.

This large-size luxury SUV could not have come at a better time. I tested the Escalade when the derecho thunderstorm slammed the Washington, DC area and caused power outages, trees to collapse and power lines to fall down. I was in Baltimore, Maryland at a Ring of Honor wrestling match when the storm hit. I never knew what was going on outside the arena until it was time to drive home.

On my drive, the rain poured and the wind blew hard!  The Escalade was not phased by the elements Mother Nature was offering.  There was terrible flooding on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and a tree down caused traffic to be at a standstill. I was able to quickly use OnStar to help find me a detour that would take me out of the completely stopped traffic and get me home.

When I arrived home, I realized that I lost power and it ultimately stayed off for 48 hours. Boy did the Escalade come in handy.

Though there was no electricity inside my house, I was able to power up my electronics – there were actually enough outlets for my mother and brother to come over and join me – and we were able to sit comfortably on the Escalade’s leather seats and watch DVDs.

It was 90-plus degrees outside and though no one in my community had air conditioning in their homes, the cool air blew wonderfully inside the classic Cadillac SUV.

Being inside the spacious SUV during fast food runs – and all of the the ones that were open were quite a ways away from me; as well as going to rescue other friends who were without power, made the ordeal so much manageable. It was like being in a luxury Four Season Hotel suite, but on wheels and with the concierge.

So that you know, the Escalade is a truck-truck. It’s not small in size, though it is easy to manage, and it packs a big punch. The 6.2-liter V-8 in the Escalade makes 403 horsepower and 417 pound-feet of torque. It is a gas guzzler though, with a fuel economy that only lands you 13 mpg in the city and 18 mpg on the highway!

But you don’t buy an Escalade to be economical. You’re paying for luxury and class, the comfort of the Cadillac and all the specialty trim that you expect from the brand.

Spin Control: It’s no cheap choice at $74,225 but this big baby is the SUV that you can’t help but to love. Luxury SUV at its finest!

Industry Status: Grade A

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