False Advertisement: Shelton Benjamin Exposes Bogus Nigerian Tour

Nigerians beware! Ring of Honor wrestling star Shelton Benjamin told AlwaysAList.com that a new wrestling tour being promoted there by ring veteran The Barbarian is “completely bogus!”

Benjamin is angry that Barbarian is using his name and numerous other former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) stars to promote the show for his Universal Pro Wrestling Federation in partnership with the Associations of the Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON).

The flyer for the show claims that wrestling superstars like MVP, Carlito, John Morrison, Matt Hardy, Bobby Lashley, Val Venis, Fit Finley, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Mike Mondo and others will be in Nigeria for the shows. The flyer promotes a Dec. 16 show in Lagos and a Dec. 23 show in Enugu.

Shelton Benjamin

“None of the former WWE guys and not even Slam Shady are involved with that show,” Benjamin said.

The flyer advertising the tour was released just more than a month after Benjamin blasted the 53-year-old wrestling veteran online for his shady business practices after a 2011 wrestling tour to Africa.

In August, Benjamin disclosed that Barbarian had “stiffed” the wrestlers and had not paid them for the 2011 tour an entire year later. Additionally, the Orangeburg, South Carolina-bred wrestling champ revealed the wrestlers could have lost their lives, as they were in the location where the 2011 bombing at Abuja’s UN building killed at least 21 people.

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Benjamin feels Barbarian, one-half of the legendary tag team Powers of Pain, is a “liar and a thief” and cautions other wrestling stars to be leery about doing business with him.

PHOTO: See Shelton Benjamin’s Twitter message about Nigeria and the bogus flyer promoting the tour.

UPDATED: Professional wrestlers MVP, Val Venis and Matt Hardy have all taken to Twitter to share with fans this show by The Barbarian is fake. Check out those messages below.

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