Blast From The Past: Could These 4 Former WWE Wrestlers Reignite Interest?

World Wrestling Entertainment got a serious wake-up call earlier this year! For years the company put all of their eggs in one basket and that basket has been carried 10-time WWE Champion,  John Cena.

His elbow injury a few months ago revealed that  WWE needs to groom some wrestlers to be at main event status.  They have limited options of wrestling stars strong enough to headline their pay-per-views and television broadcasts.

Yes, WWE has CM Punk, Big Show and Sheamus, but something was definitely missing without Cena being able to wrestle. Superstars like Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler don’t currently warrant main event status; and the guys who could do it aren’t available — there’s the injured Mark Henry, Chris Jericho is not currently under WWE contract, and both Rey Mysterio Jr. and Kane are in tag teams now.

Is Ryback the answer to the problem? He’s hot, but not quite there!

Do we need to suffer through the 67-year-old Vince McMahon wrestling in another main event? Under no circumstances would I like to!

John Cena

What about the rare appearance from Triple H, Undertaker or Sean Michaels? No, WWE has to stop depending on the faithful veterans.

So what should the WWE do? I’ve got the answer: It’s time for a new faction!

This just isn’t any faction either!  This time, WWE brings back a group of superstars who have name recognition with WWE fans, but never got their just due during their previous stints with the company.


Here’s the scene: During Punk’s match against The Rock at WWE’s “Royal Rumble” pay-per-view on Jan 27, 2013 in Phoenix, Ariz., The Rock is just about to put his finishing maneuver on the WWE Champion and four masked wrestlers appear from nowhere to attack him.

The match is declared a disqualification and after beating The Rock to a pulp, they leave the ring and the viewers still don’t know their identity.

The following night on USA Network’s “Monday Night RAW,” Punk comes out with his manager Paul Heyman and lies to the crowd about how he has no idea about who the unidentified men were who interfered in his match. He further claims he wanted to defeat The Rock “fair and square.”

At this point, McMahon appears and declares that Punk will defend his WWE Championship live in the “RAW” main event against Ryback.

CM Punk & Vince McMahon

Moments before the main event airs, cameras cut to a backstage area and McMahon has been attacked and laid out. The main event starts and about eight minutes into the bout, the four men appear again and attack Ryback.

After beating down Ryback, Heyman takes the microphone and declares this is all his idea!

Heyman goes on a heated rant while being encouraged by Punk and declares that the same way Punk had to take his career into his own hands and make the WWE do right by him, Heyman decided to assemble a group of men that WWE had overlooked and never respected and they are “back to take over the company they once loved.”

MVP & Shelton Benjamin

The masks are taken off to reveal the identities of MVP, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin and Matt Hardy.

This faction would take on the bad boy persona of the N.W.O. (New World Order).  This storyline would create some excitement for WWE fans, as they often appear bored by the predictability with current WWE storylines and matches.

The angle would also give WWE a burst of energy it desperately needs right now!

Lastly, MVP, Carlito, Benjamin and Hardy are four fine wrestling stars that never got the push they deserved during their time in the WWE.  This would allow the company to make good on the promotions that none of these mid-card superstars ever really received.

Matt Hardy & Carlito


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