Sherman Hemsley: Finally Able To Be Buried

After more than three months, actor Sherman Hemsley can finally be buried after dying of lung cancer on July 24.

His body has been in refrigerated storage at an El Paso, Texas funeral home since his death.

The star of “The Jeffersons” and “Amen” named his best friend and manager, Flora Enchinton Bernal sole beneficiary in his will.

Judge Patricia B. Chew decided on Friday that Bernal will be the executor of his estate.

Judge Chew upheld the validity of his will and granted Bernal “the authority to dispose, I shouldn’t say dispose, to proceed with the remains of Sherman Hemsley in a manner as she wishes.”

Sherman Hemsley

A 78-year-old man named Richard Thornton claimed to be Hemsley’s brother and filed a civil lawsuit disputing the validity of the will. DNA tests proved that Thornton is Hemsley’s half-brother, though the judge still sided with the requests in the actor’s will.

Thornton plans to appeal the judgment, as he wants to bury his brother at a veterans’ cemetery in Philadelphia, where Hemsley grew up.

Court documents indicate Hemsley’s estate is worth more than $50,000.


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