Miki Turner: A Visual Celebration Of Dynamic Women

Award-winning photojournalist Miki Turner has released her first book, “Journey to the Woman I’ve Come to Love.”

The 190-page book features beautiful black-and-white images of a collection of women who have impacted Turner’s journey in some capacity.

The empowering and inspirational tome is a celebration of self-love that features each woman answering one question: “At what point did you fall in love with yourself?”

“Journey to the Woman I’ve Come to Love” includes celebrity women like Gladys Knight, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Toni Braxton, Sanaa Lathan, Dana Delany, Queen Latifah, Felicity Huffman, Della Reese, Lisa Ling and Robin Roberts.

The book also features civil rights icons such as Angela Davis, Myrlie Evers-Williams, Diane Nash, Joan Mulholland, Sonia Sanchez; and Turner’s “she-roes” such as Nikki Giovanni, Leymah Gbowee, Gloria Steinem and other extraordinary women whose names you might not know. spoke with Turner about “Journey,” and she shared with us her inspiration behind the book and one person she wishes she could have included.[divider]What was your inspiration behind doing this book?

I was talking to some high school friends who were starting to show signs of aging and talking about having plastic surgery and Botox. It made me really sad because it occurred to me that their self-esteem was tied to the way they looked. I began wondering at what point were they going to fall in love with themselves. That question sent me on my own journey to talk to women from all walks of life and ask them at what point did they fall in love with themselves.

How did you determine which ladies you would feature in the book?

There really was no rhyme or reason. Almost everyone I encountered over the six years it took to pull it together had a shot! There were certain people—famous and not famous—that I went after. I was fortunate to get some of the celebrities on red carpets or at events. And there were a few that agreed to photo shoots. I think the one regret I had was that I didn’t meet up with Teena Marie at Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Divas Simply Singing event two years ago. I just thought Teena is always around. Two months later she was gone. I was blessed, however, to stumble upon the likes of Angela Davis, Myrlie Evers-Williams, Leymah Gbowee, Gloria Steinem, Nikki Giovanni and other women who have made significant contributions to our culture.

This book captures so many great moments, should everyone begin capturing life moments like this?

Yes, definitely. This book is so not about me. It’s about all these fabulous women sharing their journeys and their wisdom. My hope is that everyone who reads the book will be blessed by these affirmations and learn or re-learn to love themselves just as they are.

Miki Turner

Is there anyone you haven’t photographed that you would love to?

Brenda Russell is someone I just adore. Bernice King, Lorraine Touissant, Annie Potts, Annie Lebovitz, Michelle Obama, Aretha Franklin, Mary Wilson, Jada Pinkett Smith, Vera Wang, Patti LaBelle, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton and all the beautiful women in the mountains of Tuscany and the African bush. So many!

You’ve taken images of a lot of people, who is the one person you would love to pose in a photo with that you have not?

Wow, I think the one photo op that I definitely wanted and got was Angela Davis. I’m not really into doing the photo thing with celebrities or people I don’t know but I’d never turn down Lenny Kravitz, Viola Davis, George Clooney or Prince!

Throughout the years you’ve also interviewed countless celebrities and high profile people. Answer these questions:  [pullquote_right]Favorite interview: Eartha Kitt.   –   Least favorite: Tommy Lee Jones.[/pullquote_right]

The one who left you pleasantly surprised: Angelina Jolie. She was candid, warm and gracious. She kept it real.

The person you haven’t interviewed but would like to: Most of the people I’d really like to talk to are dead, but probably Pippa Middleton. Joking! No, I’d love to do Tramaine Hawkins. What a life she’s led.

[box_dark]”Journey to the Woman I’ve Come to Love” is available now on Amazon’s Create Space website,[/box_dark]

VIDEO: Watch Miki Turner’s mini documentary about the journey to “Journey.”


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