Wrestling Move: Kenny King Leaves ROH For TNA

Professional wrestler Kenny King has created a stir in the wrestling world after an appearance on Spike TV’s TNA “Impact.”

As one half of the tag team The All Night Express with wrestler Rhett Titus, the current Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions, King’s appearance during the X-Division tournament on TNA upset ROH executives who are accusing him of violating a “gentlemen’s agreement.”

After the 31-year-old wrestler appeared on TNA’s “Impact” last night, the Baltimore-based ROH released a lengthy statement.

Photo: TNA

“The contract Kenny King signed in June 2011 expired 11 days ago. Before that expiration, an agreement was reached between Kenny and ROH management for an extension of that contract, with a provision to allow him to negotiate with any other promotions so that he could evaluate his options and any potential interest in him elsewhere. When that short extension concluded he would then be free to accept an offer elsewhere, or sign another long term contract with ROH. Under this agreement, Kenny was free to negotiate but not to wrestle for another organization without ROH’s permission,” the statement explained.

It continued: “He contacted ROH on Tuesday July 3 to inform us that he had a meeting in Orlando on Thursday, July 5, which was within the scope of the agreement he had made. Then, early morning on July 5, he contacted an ROH official to say he would be wrestling on the Orlando event that night. He was told he did not have permission to appear live on television as it violated the agreement that had been made. We consider this breach of his verbal agreement unacceptable, and regardless of his future employment status with any other wrestling company, ROH will not be doing business with Kenny King going forward.”

King, whose wrestling career began after competing on the second season of WWE’s reality series “Tough Enough,” sees his jump from ROH to TNA very differently. The Las Vegas-based superstar took to his Twitter account @KennyKingpinAnX to offer his own explanation of things:


In addition to his work as a professional wrestler, King is also a performer in the “Chippendales,” the all-male stripping troupe at the Rio Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.  Check out his cast photo below:

Photo: Chippendales

VIDEO: Watch Kenny King make his return to TNA “Impact” below.

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