Viral Videos: Super Bowl Commercials, Dogs On Treadmill & more

Volkswagen garnered the most press going into the Super Bowl XLVII for their “Get Happy” advertising campaign.

One of their Jamaican-themed commercials set in a corporate office space had a columnist from The New York Times calling it racist. A sad abuse of the racism claim!

But a second spot by Volkswagen takes a Partridge Family classic and remixes it with a Reggae star and uses the hottest viral video stars.

We talk that video, plus the car that emerges from sea foam in Australia and the dog that jumps on the treadmill, in the latest viral videos segment on HLN’s “News Now.”

Hear my take on some of the internet’s most-watched videos making the rounds online.

Watch these video and hear my take on them from HLN’s “New Now” below:

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