Chris Brown Probation Trouble: Police Chief Resigns

Earlier this month, Los Angeles County prosecutors accused Chris Brown of failing to complete the court-ordered community service he received as part of his punishment for the 2009 assault conviction after a physical altercation with girlfriend, pop star Rihanna.

Brown is currently on five years’ probation in connection with the domestic incident with Rihanna and as part of the probation, he was required to complete 180 days of community labor in Virginia.

Bryan Norwood, Chief of the Richmond Police Department in Virginia, sent a letter to the Los Angeles court in 2009 assuring officials that his department would oversee Brown’s probation.

Los Angeles County investigators claim Richmond police rarely checked on Brown’s community service progress, even though Norwood wrote a second letter to the court in November 2011 vouching that the singer had completed more than 100 days of labor.

Bryan Norwood

Now, Norwood has resigned!

“I have accepted the resignation of Bryan Norwood from his post as chief of police for the city of Richmond,” said Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones, according to an online statement. “I know that in many ways, the Richmond Police Department and our city is better off because of his involvement, his dedication, and his concern and care for our communities,” Jones said. “But we’ve reached a mutual agreement in that his time as Richmond’s police chief has come to an end.”

Though the Mayor of Richmond said his office and the Chief reached a “mutual agreement” for his resignation, there had been rumors of his resignation for several weeks. Some reports claim he was going to take a similar job in Raleigh, North Carolina, but others in Richmond believe backlash from the Brown scandal accelerated his decision.

Chris Brown

The judge in Brown’s assault case with Rihanna now wants him to verify his hours. If the entertainer can not, his probation could be violated.

In addition to allegedly not completing the community service, Los Angeles County prosecutors claim Brown violated his probation in other ways, such as failing to secure permits to allow him to travel while on probation and failing a drug test.

A spokesperson for the L.A. County district attorney’s office declined to comment.

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