Meagan Good: Accused Of Finding Faith After Marriage

“Deception” star Meagan Good came under fire recently from a fan who criticized the actress for changing up her image now that she is married to preacher DeVon Franklin.

The 31-year-old actress posted a flyer on her Instagram page promoting a church event that her husband was involved with. In the comments under the flyer, a fan commented: “She’s changed her whole image by marrying that man.”

Good actually saw the comment and decided to reply to the fan.

“Hope my image hasn’t changed … I still want to appeal to the people that are just like me : the most judged-underdogs looked down upon because people assume they know what they are based on what they read in a negative blog or see in picture that’s captioned, that’s been altered to project someone else’s desired image for me,” Good wrote. “I’m exactly the same person.. I’ve always loved God.. I’ve been speaking about God in all of my interviews for the past 10 years .. some people just now notice.”

The actress clarified that she’s always been a Christian who believed in Jesus, long before she and Franklin wed last summer.

“Maybe some people’s perception of me has changed ..but I haven’t.. my husband fell in love with me because of who I ‘already’ was.. not because of who some think I am now,” Good continued. “But then again I guess that’s the way of the world. Maybe my image has changed to some so those people can see me for who I’ve always been.”

DeVon Franklin & Meagan Good

Good’s response apparently convicted the fan who criticized her originally and they ultimately apologized to the actress for their initial remark.

“That was very well put and you are absolutely correct. I hope my words weren’t offensive to you or your husband,” posted the fan, before wishing Good and her husband the best. “I obviously made my statements based on the very little bit that I saw from the outside looking in. I was trying to highlight what I believe a good man can do for a woman. In doing that I unintentionally diminished the fact that you are and have continued to be a very good woman.”

The actress accepted the person’s apology.

“First thank you for your intention … I receive that .. second thank you for [your] maturity in not getting offended and getting my heart beyond the response being true- but guarded …Thank you for that … I hear you 🙂 God bless you,” she closed.

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