Evelyn Lozada: Talks Iyanla Vanzant, Chad Johnson & Her Future Husband

“Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada has not given up on love.

The reality television star told Jasmine Brand of that she’s definitely open to getting married again and knows exactly what she wants in her next spouse.

“I just really want my future husband, very God fearing,” she offered. “That is something that is really important to me especially the last eight months. People say that you go through stuff and your God’s best friend; he truly got me through so much that is first and foremost. What ever he looks like is fine; I guess that will all come. And this time I’m like ‘I’m not choosing…’ I’m going to let him bring whoever that person is to me…even if it takes three years, it’ fine, I’m cool.”

The 37-year-old VH1 talent admitted that she’s not oblivious to the criticism she’s received for her actions on television, but it’s not something she focuses on.

Evelyn Lozada

“I’m so use to it; I’m so use to controversy so if there isn’t any I feel a certain way. I’ve grown to have thick skin. I’ve grown to know everybody’s going to have an opinion and I’ve been called every name in the book,” Lozada said.

Lozada told the blogger she’s grateful for the role Iyanla Vanzant has played in her life. The TV vixen appeared on the premiere episode of “Iyanla Fix My Life,” which scored record-breaking ratings for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network.

“She has been such a blessing to me. We recently talked over text. She has just really helped me through my whole process. She just really helped me open my eyes to things that you don’t think about, or things growing up that effect you today. She’s been great and she came at a time in my life when I really needed some type of guidance. It made say, ‘Why am I the way I am?’ Why am I so angry and why do I accept the things that I accept. She’s just been great,” she shared.

When asked whether her ex-husband Chad Johnson should also get counseling from Vanzant to help him overcome his issues, Lozada was uncertain.

“I know that his people were interested and there were talks, but I don’t know if that is ever going to happen,” she replied.

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