Wendy Raquel Robinson: Changes With “The Game” Are Like A “Bad Divorce”

Her character Tasha Mack is considered by many as the MVP of “The Game,” and like most team leaders, actress Wendy Raquel Robinson wants to keep spirits high regarding her BET dramedy.

There has been a lot backlash and fan scrutiny of the series because of the departure of the show’s lead actors Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall, but Robinson is clear that “though the players change, ‘The Game’ remains the same.”

While doing an interview with ABC News Radio, the 45-year-old actress addressed Hall expressing his frustration on social media about not being asked back to the show.

“It’s kind of like going through a bad divorce and there’s the love of your life getting married again. How do you act? I can’t say what Pooch said on Twitter, or re-tweeted is appropriate, but it’s…an emotional reaction. It’s a knee-jerk reaction. He’ll get over it and that wound will heal,” she said.

At the conclusion of season five last year, the cast changes to “The Game” leaked online. Robinson confessed that BET did not inform her nor her cast members that the changes were coming.

Wendy Raquel Robinson

“Really they didn’t tell us anything because at the end of the day it’s not our business. … [They did share] it was going to be hard to continue on with the storyline, which does make a lot of sense. If [Derwin Davis] gets traded and [Melanie Davis is] off at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore – we’re set in San Diego – so it would’ve been a little convoluted,” she disclosed.

Robinson, who previously starred on the sitcom “The Steve Harvey Show,” admitted that seeing Mowry leave was especially hard for her.

“Personally that’s my little sister so it was devastating. But now in retrospect so many other opportunities have come to her: movies, her own show and then she got a reality show. So…it’s still hard, but it’s a blessing in a disguise for her as well,” she expressed.

Having kicked off their sixth season and 100th episode on Tuesday, Robinson is optimistic that fans of the show will embrace the new direction of “The Game.”

“It’s fresh. It’s new. It’s still the same drama/comedy…but I do like the addition,” she offered.

The “addition” to the show is new cast members Lauren London and Jay Ellis. Robinson believes the new talent will breathe new life into the show.

“I think it’s going to help. You know every now and then we need to get re-energized and resuscitated,” she concluded.

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