George Willborn: Former Michael Baisden Co-Host Back On Radio

Comedian George Willborn is coming back to radio. The Chicago-based funnyman is returning to afternoons as the new co-host of “The Doug Banks Radio Show” starting on Thursday, April 25.

On “The Doug Banks Radio Show,” Willborn replaces comedian Rudy Rush.  The former “Showtime at the Apollo” host, who co-hosted with Doug Banks and sidekick DeDe McGuire for more than eight years, was let go from the show.

Willborn previously worked alongside syndicated radio host Michael Baisden on the “The Michael Baisden Show” for more than 10 years. That show ended in March after Baisden had a falling out with his radio syndicator, Cumulus Media Networks.

“I grew up with Doug and let me make this perfectly clear – I am now and have always been a fan of his. I’m looking forward to doing whatever I can to bring all of my talent and every one of my fans to compliment the tremendous talent that is Doug Banks,” said Willborn.

GeorgeWillborn & Michael Baisden

Acquiring Willborn for his show is the first major move that Banks has made now that his radio show is owned by his own company, Doug Banks Media.

“I’ve always wanted to work with George,” said Banks. “It was just a matter of timing. This move will take the show to an entirely new level.”

Banks is bringing on Willborn in time for his show’s trial run in Washington, DC. “The Doug Banks Radio Show” is one of the many shows being tested on DC’s WHUR 96.3 FM, the station that previously carried Baisden.

“How perfect is it that we have him for our Next Big Voice debut? His fans will get to connect with him again, giving us an edge with loyal D.C. listeners,” added Banks.

In addition to joining “The Doug Banks Show,” Willborn will continue to host his solo radio program, “Willborn’s World” on WHUR’s SiriusXM Channel 141, H.U.R. Voices. He’s also a comedy writer for Oscar-winner Mo’Nique.

Rudy Rush, DeDe McGuire & Doug Banks

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  1. Mary 30 April, 2013 at 16:24 Reply

    I think it is sad that Rudy Rush is not on the show any more. It seems to me that if this is Doug Banks’ show and owned by his company, he knew this was happening. The article is unjustly biased not giving a reason for Rudy Rush’s departure leading me to believe he was let go. I hope an explanation will eventually be given because I cannot imagine this is sitting well with many listeners that are fans of the show and the Rudy/Dede jokes and rants; I know it really isn’t sitting well with me. I’m just really disappointed.

  2. Angel 2 May, 2013 at 11:24 Reply

    I’m not sure why Rudy has been replace but I feel it’s a good thing anyways. Who wants to be a side kick for another 10 years when you have admiration of your own? I personally want to see them all get their own show especially DeDe Mcgire. DeDe is one of the few women radio personality in the game and yet once again, the side kick of a male dominated/owned show. Wendy Williams seems like one of the few women from that era who have evolved. Radio is just as bad as Black theme films progressing in Hollywood. Yes, I say good luck and well wishes to Rudy regardless if he was fired or decided not to return. It is time to progress to bigger and better things. I love the Doug Banks show but gosh, we all have to grow-up right? It’s not like the title of the show is Doug, DeDe and Rudy Show, it’s the ‘Doug Banks Radio Show.’ Let’s grow even if you are pushed out. Peace

  3. lilkunta 4 June, 2013 at 20:50 Reply

    who is doug banks? where is he from? is he gonna move to DC & be REAL about DC’s issues or just stunt ?

    Is Michael Baisden ok with Geore working for Doug? Bc I thought Michael Baisden was going to return to radio once he got a new syndicator company.

    Also “comedy writer for MOnique”…uhh she still does comedy?

  4. Peaches 7 June, 2013 at 16:04 Reply

    Don’t no why Rudy Rush was replaced… didn’t really care for him and all of his negative comments about women…. but George Wilborn.. really? I am from the Chi and George is so corny and ignorant… even on the Michael Baisden show he has always tried to make a corny as joke out of serious stuff. He is not a comedian @ all and needs to stop thinking he is one. Saw him live and on TV with the joke show that Bill Bellamy hosted and he almost got booed of… after all this time he needs to give it up cause he couldn’t make a good joke if his life depended on it…..

  5. DeDE 14 November, 2013 at 08:25 Reply

    Rudy was so ignorant about women and never had one intelligent thing to say and definitely was to argumentative and disrespectful to DeDe. I was so happy to see him get the boot. 🙂

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