Rumor Control: Star Jones Addresses Mo’Nique Weight Loss Story

Star Jones is fired up over the bogus National Enquirer story claiming she made negative comments about Oscar winner Mo’Nique’s recent weight loss.

Legitimate media outlets picked up on a National Enquirer story last week, bringing credibility to the tabloid’s made-up claims by an unnamed source that Jones did not believe Mo’Nique’s weight loss was done naturally.

“Star doesn’t think Mo’Nique could possibly be losing all that weight naturally,” said a source to the National Enquirer. “She’s commented to a few friends that she thinks Mo’Nique must have had something done because she’s looking so good so fast.”

Jones, who lost 160 pounds after gastric bypass surgery in 2003, took to Twitter to vent her outrage about the erroneous report.

Star Jones

“I have NEVER said anything as foul as this BS story about my DEAR FRIEND Mo’Nique,” the 51-year-old attorney tweeted via @StarJonesEsq. “I’m so mad I could spit!”

The former co-host of “The View,” who is now a regular contributor on NBC’s “Today” show, also threatened to block any Twitter followers who retweeted her Twitter handle with the blog stories perpetuating the National Enquirer “lie.”

Mo’Nique actually tweeted Jones to tell her not to worry about the story.

“Hey my sweet sister. It has to make you smile. Stay beautiful. Sending you hugs and love,” Mo’Nique wrote via @MoWorldwide.

PHOTOS: See both Jones and Mo’Nique’s original Twitter messages below.

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