A-List Rides: Super Savings With Buick LaCrosse

Boy have Buicks come a long way!  The General Motors brand has evolved so much over the last decade that if this car was on a reality show, it would definitely be “Extreme Makeovers!”

Buick not only offers affordable luxury with its popular LaCrosse brand, but its focus on its eAssist program, which I’ll get more into later.

The LaCrosse boasts a 2.4-liter 4 cylinder engine with eAssist. The mileage was pretty impressive at 25/36 city and highway respectively, which is a benefactor of the newly implemented eAssist.  The LaCrosse coasts through the city, quiet as a mouse and offered a pretty good power punch on the highway as well.

Plenty of space in the LaCrosse – both in leg room and trunk space.  It has a sophisticated look with modern features – it’s just a solid overall vehicle.  It covers the essentials in safety offerings and also features GM’s OnStar 9.0.

The main focus of the 2012 Buick LaCrosse is the eAssist program.  The goal of the eAssist was to create a more-fuel-efficient version of the four-cylinder LaCrosse using an evolution of the mild hybrid system from the old Chevrolet Malibu hybrid and Saturn Aura Green Line.  The ultimate goal was to develop more economical and undetectable of the 2011 nonhybrid LaCrosse.


The eAssist, unlike hybrid, is your secret friend.  No extra noise or transition grids that make you aware when the car is powering down.  The only time you’re supposed to see the benefit of the eAssist in when you go to pump your gas.  Those mileage numbers I mentioned before, now you understand why they’re so good!  You’re saving money!  And Buick points out that their highway mpg of 36 is better than smaller luxury hybrids like the Lincoln MKZ and Lexus HS250h. Additionally, all four-cylinder Lacrosse’s started having eAssist-equipped this year.

Spin Control: The Buick LaCrosse is gone up in price about $8,000 from its previous average of about $28,000 to the $36,658 asking price on my model.  Buick believes that you spend a little more now for the eAssist so that you can save money in the long run for gas.  With those mileage numbers, they’re absolutely right!  That alone makes this practical vehicle worth owning.

Industry Status: Grade B+

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