Forever Jones: Gospel Band Keeps Family First On New Reality Series

The family that prays together, stays together—and in the case of gospel family band Forever Jones, they sing together too!

AlwaysAList.com recently traveled to Maui, Hawaii with the Grammy-nominated group to see them sing for a conference at the King’s Chapel Church. A diverse audience of faith-filled people packed the megachurch to hear Forever Jones minister favorites like ‘Time To Believe,’ ‘Every Moment,’ ‘You Are Welcome,’ ‘Hallelujah,’ and the one that won them the Stellar Award, ‘He Wants It All.’

After rendering their family blend of praise and worship, the humble relatives – made up of parents, Dewitt and Kim Jones; daughters D’Jeniele’ (Jones) Hooten (the oldest), Dominique’ Jones and Mya Jones (the youngest); and sons Dewitt Jones IV and Judah Jones – sat down with me to discuss their new self-titled reality show on Bounce TV.

The series, presented by Walmart, offers an intimate look into the close-knit Shreveport, Louisiana family who is learning to embrace life as award-winning musicians, while balancing the reality of daily home life.

Forever Jones, Jawn Murray & Ellene Miles of Liquid Soul Media in Maui, Hawaii

How does it feel to be sharing your ministry here in Hawaii?

Dewitt Sr.: We’ve been here almost 17 or 18 times. We’ve really lost count. But we’ve never been here just to relax. It’s always been work-related. This time we get four days to relax.

Kim: It’s special to see the kids hanging out and having a good time. And the grandbabies too!

Dewitt Sr.: I’m enjoying watching it. I’m enjoying watching Mya since she’s the youngest. She’s enjoying it and having fun.

Dewitt Jr.: The last time I was here, I was like Mya’s age. I was like 12, so I was a year younger than she is now.

What was it like opening up your home to the reality show cameras?

Mya: It was fun! I loved it.

D’Jeniele’: It was a learning experience to say the least. We have cable at my house, but growing up we didn’t have it. When I got married, I was like, ‘I’m getting cable!’ Now I watch some of the reality shows and I always wondered how they put everything together. So it was really interesting for us as a family to kind of learn that side of television and the entertainment industry.

Dewitt Jr.: It was very eye-opening!

Dominique’: It’s a lot too! When you watch these shows, you think they’re just following them everywhere as they go. But it’s very organized the way they have to plan things out. That gets intense.

Forever Jones

Were there things that you learned about each other or family revelations made once the cameras came on?

Kim: For me, yeah! I’m the nurturing mother. Just being concerned about the kids and how they were going to be portrayed. Number one, the change. There were things I had to release. They were my babies and now they’re adults. I have four adults. I released a lot with the cameras in the house. There are things they would say that I thought I was uncomfortable with, but they’re adults. So I learned a lot about myself. It was really good. I enjoyed it.

Dominique’: We did try as a family to make sure to talk about every issue if there were any. We do that anyway regularly.

Dewitt Jr.: We’re real open!

Dominique: We never want there to be a question that could cause a tense situation that we haven’t talked about. So we’re just really honest with each other on a daily basis. So we talk about things, even if it’s a scary subject. But it has to be that way or you’ll be in a situation like that where things will come out that you didn’t know that were there.

People who work on reality shows always say they forget the cameras are there. Was that your experience?

D’Jeniele’: Yes! At a certain point.

Mya: Sometimes.

Kim: Never!

Dominique: I would forget I was mic’d.

Dewitt Jr.: I’d always forget.

Dewitt Sr.: I always would forget. Sometimes I’d have like maybe a call that would come in and you know how you walk away from somebody like, ‘hold on a second, I’m going to go over here.’ You walk away and you’re talking and you realize you have a mic on.

Dewitt Jr.: The camera guys are right in your face too!

Dominique’: They’re so stealth too!

Forever Jones

As a family of faith, what’s the one thing you hope that viewers take away from watching your show on Bounce TV?

Kim: Because of our faith, I really hope they see the reality of normalcy. Because of our faith, we have some place to go for those normal, crazy, chaotic moments, the good times and the bad times. I want them to see that we actual involve the creator in everything that we do. We don’t try to do it by ourselves. I really hope they take that away. So that they’ll realize that they really can go somewhere and get some answers and some help when they come to the end of themselves.

Dewitt Sr.: I know sometimes people think we’re the perfect family.

Kim: Which we are! Oops, did I say that?

Forever Jones: (Entire family laughs!)

Dewitt Sr.: Not even close to it. We’re just trying to make it. We have our challenges and we’re normal like everybody else. We are just trying to develop a relationship with God and this our journey and everyone has a journey.

Mya: I hope they take away the importance of family!

Judah: I know a lot of the reality shows on TV today are about drama, I just want them to see a family that’s not splitting up because of drama. We’re not actually fighting each other. We don’t fight on camera because we don’t fight off camera. I want people to see that as a family, you can solve problems without arguing and just talk things out.

Dominique’: The show focused on resolving conflicts and I liked that!

Dewitt Sr.: It’s not that we’re trying to be anything other than who we are, we’re just a family! An American family. A Black American family that happens to be in the music business. I’m excited about the opportunity to share that with people.


You can experience Forever Jones’ feel-good family dynamic when their self-titled series premieres on June 5 at 9pm ET on Bounce TV. To find out where Bounce TV airs in a market near you, go to www.BounceTV.com.

Check back next week for more from AlwaysAList.com’s interview with Forever Jones in Hawaii.


VIDEO: Watch this promotional clip from Forever Jones’ reality series on Bounce TV.

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